Thursday, 6 October 2011

"So, peoples is peoples, okay"

Ive been really bad and not posted in a while. I kind of lost my mojo on the writing front. Writers block but last night I managed to write some of a star ocean story I have had kicking about in draft for about 2 years. So I am hopefull that my dry spell is over now.

The above quote is from Jim Hensons the Muppets take Manhatten. Infact this is the scene. Ive carried this with me forever and ever.

I guess I am saying that as I have been watching a documentary called one giant leap today and it had a lot of different peoples in it. I have also been reflecting on my friends and family and the different things that influence us for example belief, money etc.

Its scary how much people can change when the factors and variables around them also change. Sometimes its good and sometimes its not but as Pete says peoples is peoples is peoples. Theres not much more you can do except roll with it.

In other news the new muppets movies is out really really soon. Very excited.

And I recently had the pleasure of going to the Distant Worlds concert in the Royal Albert Hall London which was just awesome. To hear some of the tunes from my all time favourite games in full orchestra and sit in a room of geeky people who appreciated it just as much, was brilliant. I think the hightlight for me had to be Kiss me goodbye, to Zanarkard and the opera.

Enjoy! And all pre-order the sequel to FF14!