Saturday, 30 April 2011


"Why are pirates pirates?" Because they failed at Ninja school - LOL

"All books sound better if you add the words "in your pants" at the end of the title - this it true. I tryed it with 3 books randomly this morning. "Synthesis "in your pants", "Yorkshire Dialect classics "in your pants" and "Research methods "in your pants!!!!"

What happens inside a blackhole? We don't really know but Scientists believe that being inside a blackhole is a great way to feel special as your guarenteed to be a singularity. - Physics humour !!!

I never thought I would say this but I may have found two people who are almost at Wheaton stature.  Yes this morning I subscribed to another youtube channel. It doesn't happen very often. Im quite selective of who I come back and watch regually but these two blokes appealled to me immediatly from the Pirate/Ninja comment alone. Question fridays, song tuesdays - I'm there. So check out Vlogbrothers channel.

I woke up with a total hankering to be geeky. To connect with my nerd roots. Queue the arrival of my monthly SFX magazine most awesomely featuring the delicous Ryan Reynolds as the green lantern on the front cover. Naturally that prompted me just having to wear my pink lantern ring.

I did my usual flick to the development hell page and see what movies might be coming out. Bill and Ted 3 - how awesome would that be? Then I went to the page where people write in and ask what something they can vagually remember reading or watching is and try to guess it before reading the mags answers. Failed miserably today . . . . and then stumbled upon the vidolink best of youtube. That led to me checking out the Doctor the Vampire Slayer effort and then I stumbled upon the vlogbrothers. Consquently its making me want to learn guitar again but I gave mine to my brother for Sophie for xmas. So that means I would have to buy one again.

Anyway this got me to thinking I really need to do something geeky. I haven't been to a geekfest in years or a memorbillia or ought like that. Its needs rectifying. So I will have to look around for something to attend.

I also have to go see Thor. Going to try talk Amy into it today or tommorow. Today would work better as I know I need something to take my mind off the fact someone who doesn't give a shit about me would have been coming round to watch DVD's tonight.

That aside the plan is to attempt week 6 day 2 tommorow. Two intervals of 10 minutes jogging. It can't go any worse that day 1. I think my legs are pretty much back to normal again now. Allowed myself an extra days rest. And I can try channel all my upset and pissedoffness at sed mentioned person earlier into the run. Fingers crossed.

Anyway Im going to sign off now but theres one last thing I have to do for my sister.

Peace out folks.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Hungover musings

So I felt pretty wretched this morning. That dam home made apple wine. When will I ever learn???? I was fine on the rose stuff but as soon as I had some of the apple it made me loopy. However muchos water, a huge cup of tea and a hearty breakfast ( I actually used my pamperchef tray bake and did the breakfast - 2 sausage, 2 bacon and eggs all in one go in the oven). Im starting to feel human again. May need another cuppa.

So Sahra did a good job last night and the Ann Summers was fun, except the getting drunk part and reverting to my usual form - sending naughty texts to someone I shouldn't (but in my defence . . .he sends them back. It takes two!!) and getting upset about another man who I really need to learn not to be bothered about at all as clearly from his silence over the last 10 days he doesn't give a shit about me. Actually in all honesty he doesn't give a shit about me as a friend even and the last two years I really shouldn't have bothered at all. So this is my new thing now, Im only making an effort with people who make an effort back.

The good news is that my cheesecake and buns went down very well both with the girls last night and Becks and the rest of the office yesterday. Stupidly I didn't get a photo of the buns or sample them - but Sahra took several home with her so they must have been okay. Heres the cheesecake though:
It was lush. The best thing I have ever managed to successfully create and something I would definitely make again.

So Matt suggested checking Scott Cunningham out in his blog the other day. As I have no money I think I might see if the library has some of his stuff for a read. I've never really been that into Wicca - I remember Matt telling me years ago I had energy and I should learn to harness it and all these people I have had readings off over the years all seem to say the same thing, that I can sense energy and need to work with it for healing. The bloke I saw at the last fair with Amy really stressed it. In fact he said he would be seeing me again and to get into tarot. However as he doesn't want to help me down that line (after being told to contact him with any questions - he replied to one email that he would get me some information and now is just not bothering to reply at all) I guess Im on my own.

Well lets face it in all aspects of my life I am always on my own. My sister told me last week I was the strong one - well this is why!  Nobody ever gives me the answers or sticks around. They bob into my life, give me a brief view of something brilliant, inpart some tiny seed of knowledge and then disappear again. The ones I think appear in my life to help me apparently are more lessons to be learnt - crystal skulls (Still trying to suss out that one), Angels, the american, the bloke I shouldn't have text last night, this keith bloke with the tarot. Im sure if I see him at the November fair I will be informed he didn't come back to me as its in my plan that I had to stumble upon it myself. He was only meant to plant a seed or something. I would meditate on it but I know that if my subconscious inner soul part hasn't revealed it to me in the last 10 years its not going to reveal any part of the life plan to me today. But yes diverting away here. I should check out Scott Cunningham.

You know what thinking about it thats probably why this song resonates with me, torments me and gets under my skin so much.

So Im being really sad and cruel today. Sad as I have bbc news on and am following the ongoing coverage of the royal wedding. I don't need to do that, could just watch the wedding when thats aired at 11.30am not all the interviews with the crowds and stuff. I want to say congrats to Prince William and Catherine. Ive always had a soft spot for him. He was one of my first crushes and to some extent still is. I think he's turned out very down to earth, caring and decent which in todays world its very easy to let things go to your head and not listen to or care about people. Instead from everything Ive seen he makes time for people, raises money for charities, and actually does a decent job - helicopter rescue. So the best of luck to you both.

I'm feeling cruel as Im considering some radical character development for the Trill character I write on USS Voltaire. I may kill her husband off. Purely to make it easier to interact with some of the other players. Neil - the captain bloke awhile ago suggested having the husband ordered to another ship as it would allow my character to develop and interact better and I didn't want too but now a couple of months down the line and getting to know the players better maybe I should have done it.

I think, in all honesty I wanted to keep my character Mel as close to the Mel I had on the USS Dark Phoenix when I went back into simming. As the phoenix doesn't seem to be any nearer to getting resurrected at all and now her last remaining link to the Phoenix (Naois and Valeia - who were on the Voltaire and one of the reasons I decided to get back into simming as I love working with Judy. Hell we simmed together on the Phoenix for a 5 year block) have also gone its time to fly solo properly. Judy is still there anyway just playing a different character.

Anyway Prince Williams just arriving so Im going to be patriotic and stop trying to suss out the meaning of life and watch him get married.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ch ch ch changes . . . . and c25k update

So those of you returning back you may notice I have changed the design. This is purely as I discovered from my friend Matt last night that the template I was using from Pyzam didn't seem to allow comments. So I feel like a total idiot as I have been writing on here for ages - Please comment and no one actually could. So sorry about that. Its all fixed now.

Anyway, I feel awful this morning. Really struggled on my C25K session. Theres a number of reasons why I suppose. First up I didn't sleep to well. I kept waking up most of the night. Also it was cold. There was a frost. Seriously after all the nice weather we have had lately this morning a frost.

Boys look away . . . . . .

 Also its that time of the month so I had that pain on top . . . . .

Guys its safe again!!!!! and I think I was dehydrated abit too if I think about it. Todays session was to run 5 mins, walk 3, run 8, walk 3 and run 5. Perhaps I was alittle cocky as having nailed the 20 mins 2 days ago I thought it would be easy but no it wasn't. The first 5 weren't too bad. The 8 mins, my calfs were aching like mad and the last 5 mins I think have got to be the slowest Ive ever jogged. So yeah after a few really great sessions a not so brilliant one this morning.

Todays agenda - bake some lemon buns and frost all the chocolate ones ready for tonight. I also promised to bob into work and take some yummies in. Becks bless her always brings baking in, so it will be nice to treat her for a change. I might walk back from Lindley get that extra 3 miles in, depending on how my legs hold out hehe

Then tonight its Cheles Ann Summers Party. I haven't been to one of these in a long time and its my mate Sahra who's the consultant. Good luck Sahra! I know shes feeling alittle nervous as she put something up on Facebook. But your going to be fine honey. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


So first up a big hello to my third follower - my old friend from Uni. Love ya. Big hugs

So today I had a mass bakeathon for my friend Cheles Ann Summers party tommorow. Using my fabulous Hummingbird bakery book I made a caramel hazelnut cheesecake and some chocolate fondant cupcakes.

These aren't decorated. Also I the cheesecake isn't burnt. It has a layer of chocolate on top but I didn't manage to spread it well. I'll try get some pics of the decorated ones tommorow.

Starting couch to 5 k week 6 tommorow. Fingers crossed it will go as well as tuesday. I used a map site and worked out the playing fields are 0.7 miles a lap round. I made it 1 and half times round so Im jogging roughly 1 mile every 14 mins. I defintely need to work on that.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I did it!!!!!!!

I just jogged for 20 mins solid and I feel AMAZING. Got my pace and my breathing right. Didn't think of the time, I just got on with it. When Laura said I have 2 mins left I just smiled as I knew I was going to finish.

So four months of getting fitter and training and now I can jog for 20 mins. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Couch to 5k Week 5 day 2

I just kicked its arse. Excellent session. I was slightly worried about jogging 8 mins straight. Would I manage it? Especially after the last 5 in my session on Friday was a struggle but no it went fine. Got my breathing right, got into a rythum. Okay it was slow but steady. And I got round twice. The second time was fine. I just took it in my stride like the first one. So I am beginning to believe I actually can do 20 mins with no walk breaks on Tues morning.

Also yesterday I finished all my ILM assignments. They are in the post to college. I don't have to think about that any more. Four months of my life over. It was a worthwhile course and I did really enjoy it and learn a lot but I really won't miss all the homework!!!! Just awaiting my final grade now.

So I have one week off work. Some me me me time. I have no money till weds lol and the only thing planned is baking for Chele ann summers party thursday night. I envision a lot of time spent on the Sims mediveal. Well I am going to try for a walk / swim as well.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Couch to 5K Week 5 Day 1

Wow apparently I had 36 visitors yesterday. I guess a lot of sims fans found me hehe. Great stuff. I just wish I knew how to get people to comment and follow me. If your reading this click the link! give me your thoughts, have a go at the poll - yes I figured out how to put one on!

So another fantastic run this morning. I got up at the crack of dawn again - Im definitely a morning runner. I never thought I would say that but I am. Wore my brand new pink Nike drywik top. And wow. Okay its a bit clingy around my belly tyre but I also had a hoodie top over it so no one will know and the plan is to wear that for the race for life. Its pink!!!!! And I love it. Yes it does keep you cool and dry. Excellent piece of kit for a bargainess £12.99 in TK Max yesterday.

Today I tryed a new place to jog and I liked it a lot more than the park I had been going too. There are some playing fields not to far to me, so I went round there instead. A little more uphill stuff than ravensknowle but a bigger area.

The session went as follows:
  • Warm up walk 5 mins - Pro at it and found a snicket from the road off of mine that took me straight down to the playing fields. Unbelievable Ive been here over 3 years and never knew it was there.
  • Jogged 5 mins. Was a struggle to get my breathing right the first interval but made it through.
  • Walked 3 mins. This went incredibly fast but I got my breath back.
  • Jogged 5 mins - Breathing was much better and I think this was my best run to date. I seemed to get into a nice stride.
  • Walked 3 mins, noticed a ton of mist had appeared lol. It was pretty cool. No on except 1 dog walker at the opposite end of the huge playing field around.
  • Jogged 5 mins - was starting to lose my earlier speed and moment but I pushed through. Again got my breathing okay. The last stretch was uphill as well. I was aching all over but I did it. 
  • The usual victory punch once "Laura" announced we were done!
So yes feeling pretty dam good right now and ready to have a crack at the 2 8 mins ones on Day 2 on sunday morning.

Also the most amazing thing yesterday  - I spent the day with my sister and we went over to Wakey shopping and called in on our cousins on the way back and had scones and cream. My sis yesterday actually told me I was the strong one in the family and she was impressed and that the family are actually all behind me with the running lark now. Even more motivation to get the 20 min solid jog in the bag. I want to be able to tell them I did it!!!!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sims Medieval review

I know I mainly write about C25K or the occasion this has happened in my life post but I decided this morning to do a review of the game I have recently bought and been playing sparodically. I have loved every sims game going. I had generation 1, generation 2 and currently own generation 3 plus the world adventures add on. The only thing stopping me further is my rig is so chuffing old and slow that I fear putting it through much more. I am going to have to figure out a way to be able to afford a new PC. That aside . . . . onto Sims Medieval.

As soon as I saw the trailer I knew I had to have this. Yes it forfills both my sims addiction and love of medieval. Have I mentioned robin hood prince of thieves is my fav film? How much I love the TV series Merlin . . .  . .  Anyway heres the trailer.

The character classes the ones I have played so far seem fair enough. Im mainly playing with the King, Knight, Blacksmith and Spy. I have done a few quests and am currently trying to expand my kingdom. Im on the 2nd game it opens up.

The graphics are stunning. I love the buildings, I love the clothes, I love the little details i.e. cooking pots, scribe tables etc. But what sucks is your limited to how much space you can place things, you can't place your own buildings where you want too, the camera's don't let you spin round,  you can't see things for as many angles as other games and theres no cinemations, just pictures pop up with some text. I much prefer the cheesy vids you used to get in the other games lol. Also the children don't grow up and you can't control them or your spouse like in the other games.

Some of the quests are also a little bizzare and the needs as well. Like the Knight keeps getting Feed the beast. In the judgement pit theres a purple long armed monster and I have to keep sending him to throw some food in his pit. But to say I have picked expanding the kingdom as my current goal none of the quests that have openned up seem to be leading me towards that goal yet. I guess I will have to keep playing and see if that changes. Or maybe Im not playing the right hero's yet.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Let them eat cake . . . .

Absolutely amazing Rebecca Heywood Easter cake to be exact.

Infact Bex provided most of lunch. Big thanks for the delicious carribean chicken soup too! How gorgeous does her cake look though? Its offical Rebecca Heywood makes AMAZING cakes!

By the way that is my messy desk in the first pic or as I like to say organised chaos . . .

Today we also had a rather intense discussion (fuelled no doubt by our increased narkiness of the database system we use running slowly), about how much we thought we knew about Mr Russell Brand and Mr Gok Wan and who would have the bigger personality. Mr Brand came out on top, not cause his personality was better than Mr Wan, purely because we figured he couldn't survive without more spotlight.

I have to say though, I have never seen any of Russells comedy before. In fact in the past I was just kind of aware of a skinny long haired comedian who got into a lot of trouble with Wossy over a phone call. On radio 2 today that skinny long haired comedian made me laugh and laugh and laugh - so I feel I have over looked the man and will be taking steps to rectify that.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

One big fat sweaty make up run in the bag!

So after the mother of all unhealthy weekends, not to mention subcrumbing to and munching my way through a 180g bar of chocolate last night (I know I know - but I was worried about someone and stress eating), I got my fat arse up at the crack of dawn and out jogging again.

I decided to repeat week 4 again. This might be the 3rd time Im not sure now, I can't remember. Everything went pretty okay. Last 5 mins I flagged again but got through it. 16 full mins of jogging. I did get some jip from my right calf. Think I probably needed to stretch a bit better. It doesn't feel too bad now.

No dogs today, just the one walker. She was a skinny rake who looked at me like I was mental. So as I am getting used to now, I just flashed her the mother of all smiles. I kept reminding myself of the 80 quid I have raised so far for race for life and that Im getting fitter, healthier and losing inches. Roll on Thursday to have a bash at run 2.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Birthday wishes and Wil Wheaton

First up today I would like to wish my friends twins Sahra and Sonia a really good happy 30th birthday. Welcome to the club you fabulous amazing girls you!!!!!!!!!

So I am sitting here completely hung over. All good intentions of not drinking last night and getting up at the crack of dawn and going jogging this morning evaporated as soon as the group I was with last night decided to do some birthday shots. I recall dancing to Katy Perrys firework, an intense discussion on why do men where their kecks so low down below the hips and still manage to get them to stay there and not fall all the way down and getting in - big thanks to Mr Kent for kindly ferrying a drunk babbling Debs and Lou home last night, and I think I promptly passed out. Not something that happens often as I haven't actually been out properly since Cheles birthday in Jan.

However I think the most shocking thing this morning despite my banging banging banging head, is the fact that Vern - one of my mates I look up too in geekiness shockingly does not follow Wil Wheaton. Ive said it before on this blog version 1 - yeah I deleted all that blog gold last year when I turned into the depressed whinny husk of the women I used to be. Im not that person now and hence forth a new more better blog and debs has materialised but Wil Wheaton is awesome. He's not on my fav links on here for nothing!!!! So please check the man out.

Im going to get back on the C25K wagon tommorow when my head is my own again LOL

Anyway I think this is my new feel good song:

"Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon, its always been inside of you you you, and now its time to let it through"

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Week 5 day 1 - another epic fail

So I tryed this on the treadmill at the gym last night and it did not go well. This is what happened.
  • 5 min warm up
  • Managed the first 5 min jog
  • Walked 3 mins
  • Managed 4 mins of jogging
  • Walked 3 mins
  • Jogged about a min and half. Legs went "no"
  • Started walking for a couple of mins 
  • Then got myself jogging again for about the last min and half
Everybody says that its easier on the treadmill. Now either Im still going too fast to sustain the longer jogs or they lied as I much prefer it outside and I would have managed that I think outside. I'm trying it in the park tommorow morning anyway. If I got any slower on the treadmill Im going to feel like an idiot next to the ones going 15.0 - yeah no shit a bloke last night was running at 15.0 next to me.

I bet myself up walking home as usual - then I remember that okay although I failed the full run, I did some of it and also burned off 500 calories on my gym visit. But then I wrecked it all and had chinese with my friend Chele. So Im probably back to square one.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

If in doubt turn to Rocky!!!!

Keep watching this hoping to get my motivation back!!!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadiquate. Its that we are powerful beyond measure . . . . I'm going to show you how great I am!!!!! Somewhere along the line you changed, you stopped being you and let people put a finger in your face . . . . . the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows . . . . you fear nobody . . . . its not going to hit as far as life . .  . . . you keep moving forward . . . . thats how winning is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Struggling with motivation

So yesterday was not the best day. My boss brought in mini eggs and hollow chocolate rabbit/chick things for easter. I thought I could manage just the one taste but no that was it. I was back and forth and nibbling all day with the rest of the office. Also my bread went moldy so I had to buy a breadroll to go with my soup and it was sainsburies. So I ate proper bread. Feeling guilty when my mum rang and said she was now working late I decided to walk all the way home from the hospital. 1 hour and 20 mins. Which is great and may have cancelled out the chocolate but no by the time I had got home all I could think about was having a fish butty from the chippy. So I did.

I ate it slowly and tryed to savour it. But yeah very very very bad day food wise. I endeaver to do better today. Also Im not feeling that longing to run like I have been doing. And I need to get that back by tommorow as its gym day. I don't know whats going on.

Chele my mate recons and boys close your ears here . . . . . but pershaps Im a week away from my period. Not sure I never was that good at keeping track. But I do tend to crave sugar and stuff usually before then. We'll see I guess. Anyway this morning theres a nice fat chicken breast defrosting in the fridge. Im having that with steamed veg today and will try not to touch any chocolate whatsoever at work.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Couch to 5k Week 4 run3

So yesterday I got myself up at the crack of dawn and went out before work. It went pretty well. Didn't really start to flag until the last 5 min run. Got chased by a Jack Russell half way through the first 5 min interval and I think that made me go faster lol. Not sure Im ready to start week 5 on friday at the gym. I might load it on the podcast and give it a whirl or repeat week 4 again and try week 5 sunday in the park. We'll see how I feel.

Just weighed myself and Im another 3lbs down!!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

couch to 5k week 4 session 2

Much better but then it was outside again. Im going my own pace, slower than the treadmill and its cooler than the gym. Plus I don't need to count like I do on a treadmill to take my attention away from thinking "when is this going to end?" as it always ends a lot quicker than I think it will. I also feel less self conscious as the only people who see me are a couple of dog walkers. The session went like this:
  • Warm up for 5 mins. As usual I had to stop the MP3 as it took longer than 5 mins to get to the park
  • Jog 3 mins - took a while to get my breathing flowing right but was over pretty quickly
  • walk 90 secs - flew by
  • jog 5 mins - did it no probs. I know Im a slow jogger but at the moment its endurance not speed. Once I get some lard off me I know I can work on the speed.
  • walk 2.5 mins - really flew only just got my breath back
  • jog 3 mins - aching a tad but powered through
  • walk 2.5 mins -seemed to go even faster than the last 2.5 mins
  • jog 5 mins - I just got on with it. Okay it was a slow jog pace but I just focused on keeping going round the park. "Laura" popped up at 2.5 mins and said I was half way through, everything was aching but I kept telling myself not to give up like I had on friday on the treadmill. When she came up and said 1 min left I smiled a little and just kept going. And for the first time I jogged longer than I walked.
Came back home, feeling pretty good. My right knee feels a little jolted but I think a couple of days rest and it will straighten out. Made some porrige - very yummy, half water half SS milk. Ate the lot, Kurt would be proud. And had the nicest shower in the world.

Thought I would share this:

 How messy did my trainers get today? Took about 10 mins to clean off all the grass. Good job I do now have 2 pairs.

Im still enjoying outside jogging a lot more. Have some time off coming up between all the bank hols so I think Im going to try getting up at 5am and doing my session and then 5.30am and doing it. Then I can see if 1- I can cope with the early run starts and what its like at that time light wise and 2 - if I have enough time to get it in before getting ready for work and mum picking me up. Once I lose some weight I know I will get more confident and be able to switch to on an evening outside but at the mo its a I don't want to be seen thing.

I need to get some more work out clothes, so thats a google for me this morning. Honestly getting plus size clothing is not easy. If anyone knows anywhere tell me!!!!!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

C25K Week 4 run 1 just kicked my fat arse

I didn't manage the whole thing. Im annoyed at myself but also happy to some extent as I did manage some of it.
Todays session went like so:
  • 5 min warm up. Im an old pro now
  • 3 mins jogging - did it on 6.7, was okay.
  • 90 secs walking - managed to recover my breath
  • 5 mins -I was dreading it, I really was but I did the counting thing again and somehow got through it. I think I put the speed down slightly to 6.5 about half way through. Everything was really starting to ache.
  • 2.5 mins walking - bloody hell that went fast. I hadn't caught all my breath even on walking 4.5 instead of 5.0
  • 3 mins jogging - managed it. Was starting to flag
  • 90 secs walking - this seemed about 30 seconds in my head it went that fast
  • 5 mins jogging - this is where I failed to complete - I really ached - I didn't seem to manage to get into a stride like I did my last session and as soon as Laura came on and said, well done your half way there it was like my legs just went "no more," so I went back to a walk but tryed to be good and walked on 5.5 until the cooldown kicked off. Then I was feeling guilty so I upped the incline and speed a little more in my cooldown trying to make up for my failure in some way.
I managed 10 mins on the exercise bike as a proper cool down but I was feeling rather knackered so did it on level 3 rather than 4 like I have been doing. Then I weighed myself and I had stayed exactly the same which was really irritating.

It was boiling hot outside and I looked like a fat ugly red tomato as usual but I walked home abeit slowly. My legs really didn't want to work. They ache so much right now and I predict will ache completely to buggery tommorow . . .. . .

However okay I didn jog for 16 mins total, I did manage 13.5 which is a 4.5 min inprovement on last week. I can't knock that. In 3 months I have come from 30 seconds killing me to managing to jog a total of 13.5 mins. Hopefully I will push through for the full 16 next session, if not then I keep repeating this level until my body adjusts and Im comfortable with it. Im not giving up.

"If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run."

Yes I ripped it from Fatgirlrunnings blog but its inspirational. I will have to get John Binghams book.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fat girl slim meets Fat Girl running

Good day.

Ate well, okay pretty well. Bex brought some amazing birthday cake in and I had to indulge. But Salmon, spinach, steamed veg for tea. Im mentally trying to prepare for the 5 mins tommorow. I want to succeed. More jogging than walking tommorow.

Found another fantastic blog :

Its so nice to see other people like me succeeding. Spurs me on. Its a really good read too. And yep I get stuck for blog titles too.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Couch to 5 K week 3 (Repeated) CLEARED!!!!!

Im on a major high right now. Excellent excellent gym session tonight. I ran on 6.7 the whole time, I walked on 5.0 the whole time, I wasn't too out of breathe. I did the counting thing and it really seemed to help. It took my mind away from going "Laura come on tell me its over." Also after the first 3 mins I actually felt like I could have carried on a bit more. I think its time to have a bash at week 4 on friday.

The thing is even if I can't do the whole thing, I can keep going at it until I do manage it. Thats my plan now. I'll stay on each week until I feel comfortable to move on and after tonight its definitely time to have a bash at week 4.

Anyway the search for running music continues. I discovered the following - dance -Starship. Awesome . .  . . . . I soooooo need this on the pod.

And the gym had this on . . . . . dance journey. Another i tunes download me feels.

Fatgirlslim and glee . . .

Slept loads, feel great. Looked in a full length mirror and I am starting to look smaller in the stomach area. Still a hell of a long way to go. My work trousers are again getting really loose. I may need to buy a size smaller soon. Oh and Cazza at work complimented me on friday. That was good.

Gym today and Im on the last run of week 3 again. Not apprehensive as I know I can do it. However Im going to try another trick tonight. Reading my zest book one of the other runners suggestions is to count to 300 while you are running. Keep your mind off it hurting and hopefully my mind off screaming "come on laura when are we done?" That runner can do a mile every time she counts 300. I will probably need 900 for that lol but will give it a go!

My lovely sister sponsored me last night - another £10.00. So Im at 36 I think percent of my target.

Glee - I love this show. Season 2 is just brilliant. I love the warblers, I love the pairings - Artie and Britney, Tina and Mike Chang (God how sexy is Harry Shum Jr?), puck and lauren but last night Sam broke up with Quinn for Santanna???????? wtf!!!!!!!!! mental . . . .Anyway it was bieber fever last night. Im really looking forward to next week for the rachel berry house party experience hehe.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Couch to 5k week 3 run 2 (repeated)

Well my euthorpia of losing a stone is gone as I was pretty bad yesterday. I thought I was on grandaughter duty so had walked up to Grans but before that, I slept in and realised I had nothing for breakfast as I had taken my porrige to work. Went to Patels no bread. As I was running out of time to get to Grans I had to grab a bacon sarnie from shaws. Not good. My sister turns up at Grans and we have all got our wires crossed. I was initally going to go with my sis but then she informs me it was steve-o (her boyfriends) 30th on thursday, so I decided to let her take gran alone and went into town to get him something.

I was supposed to be meeting my brothers girlfriend for a late lunch anyway so sorted out steve-o (spent ages trying to suss out what blue ray he might like - almost bought Machete but decided against it. I would probably have got it wrong) so I got him a HMV voucher instead and he can pick his own. Went and got myself a new pair of trainers. Half price at £25.00 from sports direct. Good soles for reducing joint inpact. So now I have one for outside running - the new ones and my addidas ones for the gym. Looked at some running kit. I want some 3/4 length trousers. However tryed them on. I could get into the 18's but they were tight, so didn't get ought. But thats good. Im in them even if they look terrible at the mo.

Had about an hour to wait for Claire and was starving so went to Nero and ended up getting a chocolate iced milk drink (I reasoned Im a jogger they drink choc milk!) and yeah I know Im bad - a piece of chocolate crunch. Admitably its not the worst snack in that place. Two men infront of me had massive hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows and 3, 3!!!!! I kid you not chocolate pastry twists EACH. Anyway I enjoyed it and killed about 40 mins there, went and met Claire and one the way down to kingsgate they were giving free pizza out and it smelt AMAZING. So that was it, we went to pizza hut. Diet deaded. We shared a large thin crust chicken bbq one.

Anyway this morning I was determined to put things right or at least on a more even keel again. Set my clock for 6.30am. Got up, ate a slice of wholemeal bread and a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese and pineapple. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slapped my clothes on and new trainers, really stretched well. Followed the suggested ones in my running book and set off to the park. It went like this:

  • 5 min warm up walk. Again had to stop the mp3 as it took longer than 5 mins to reach the park
  • 90 sec jog - not too bad. Again up hill but new trainers were nice.
  • 90 sex walk - this seemed to be over in a flash 
  • 3 min jog - I went on last time. No matter how slow the jog just jog. It went fine. Got into a pace, got my breathing under control
  • 3 min walk - again went really quick. Got my breathing back
  • 90 sec jog - again fine. Seemed to be over really quickly. Did what I did last week and mentally made a route round the park
  • 90 sec walk - flew by, got my breath back
  • 3 mins jog - not too bad, paced myself again. When "Laura" announced the last minute again tryed to dig alittle deeper and give it some more welly
  • 3 mins cool down walk - got breath back. Gave another victory punch. Was feeling pretty darn good. My brain informed me "We will make a jogger of you yet Debs". Decided to jog out of the park. Lady with a dog appeared. Dog ran after me, she appologised and looked at me like I was mental. I flashed a smile. Crossed road to go home and to my surpise:
  • found myself actually jogging abit more on the way home. I wanted to do more people - how bloody brilliant is that!!!!!! and I could. I just thought okay - to that lampost. I enjoyed it and wanted to jog more.
Clearly outside running suits me far more than the treadmill. I struggle more on the treadmill. Again it was cooler outside and just having fresh air in your face rather than stale recycled gym air is the way to go. And I must be a morning runner person. I mean I have enjoyed my sunday morning ones much more than any of the gym session ones. However I don't think Im at a point where I'll happily get out of bed at 5.30am on a tues and friday before work yet. So tuesday will be week 3 run 3 on the treadmill again and then friday Im going to have to man up and try the 5 mins again. This time with "Laura" and the podcast.

Anyway forgot to mention - I got one of the nursey bods at work to take my blood pressure. 138/81 - awesome. The exercise and eating fairly well is paying off.

Also this is currently my fav tune to exercise on the bike to at the gym.

Im still trying to put together a really rocking playlist - bex at work has lent me a ton of CD's so I can put some on next week when I get them home from the office.

Couch to 5 k week 3 run 1 (repeat)

This is a backdated post as I didn't manage to update friday. So I went to the gym and Mirror universe bearded tuff guy actually smiled at me and said hello when I entered.  So I had decided to repeat week 3 again as last time my attempt at jogging 5 mins failed miserably. It went like this:

  • Warm up 5 min walk - I am a pro at this now
  • jogged 90 secs at 6.5 - not too bad
  • Walked 90 secs at 5.0 - okay, got my breath back
  • jogged 3 mins at 6.5 - decided to go slower again as I need to get my stamina up and all the forums I keep reading everyone else on this programme seems to be going slower than I am.
  • walked 3 mins at 5.0 - again nicely got my breath back
  • jogged 90 secs at 6.5 - starting to ache but managed it
  • walked 90 secs - at 5.0 got my breath back
  • jogged 3 mins at 6.5 - felt log was starting to flag but once "laura" came on and said 1 min left I powered throu and tryed to give that last min a little more welly
  • cool down walk at 5.0 for 3 mins - felt pretty darn good
Decided at that point to weigh myself and was pretty happy that I did as Im now down a stone in weight! So one happy bunny.