Thursday, 31 May 2012

All going wrong .....

Well you have to keep laughing right!!!

In the last couple of months my Vac has died, had to spend £120 quid on a new one. Then my microwave died. Another £40.00. Then I had planned this year to get a new PC. £700 quid.

And then last week my cooker blew up. Luckily for me Helen at work knew what had happened and her chap very kindly came and looked it over tonight. Its just the element. Thank god! If I had to fork another £300 out on another cooker I would be rather miserable.

But they say bad luck comes in threes. So that's me done now. Bring on the good luck to balance everything out!!!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lets be honest . . . .

Who here has had a crush on a character in a computer game?

Come on don't deny it. Boys I'm sure you have drooled over Lara Croft or the bird from resident evil.

Well I'll be honest. Of course I loved Cloud Strife. Poor tormented Cloud from FF7. But I think my first real computer game crush was Cliff fitter from Star ocean. Now I have a new one.

As you know, I am ALWAYS about 3 years behind everyone in games and films etc etc. A couple of weeks ago in one of those 2nd hand buy used game shops that seem to be popping up everywhere in the Hudd I took a chance and purchased a game called Dragon Age - Origins.

Oh boy, suddenly I was hooked. Unfortunately my 2nd hand Xbox copy has some weird glitch thing going on. When ever I get to a certain mission, it suddenly won't come out of combat mode and I cannot pass any further.

The good news is you can get it on PC!!!!! Woooo. And now I have PC thats powerful enough to cope with something better than ermmm . . . . . . settlers from about 7 years ago it HAS TO BE DONE!!!!!

So I order not just dragon age Origins last night but the deluxe set - with all the add ones. Get in!!!!!

However I'm going off the point. My new computer game crush. Alistair. OMG ladies. Is he dishy or what? And I love his jokes, his personality, his voice. Bloody hell Bio-ware I salute you in the creation of this dream boat!

The games pretty dam good too. I created a female elf mage. She became a grey warden. Then she was questing to get 4 parties to help her fight a blight (big bad war).  And she was starting to get it on with Alistair. How you interact with the characters determines the events. I'm loving that too. Some things you do upset some of your team and somethings make others happy.

Anyhoo, I was on route to Redcliffe ready to clear out a bunch of the baddies - darkspawn to you and me and Alistair has a conversation with me - he is actually a royal bastard LOL his father was the king.

I then went to get aid from the Elves and bam he starts a convo with me and gives me a rose. Yes please!!! So my romance was coming on quite swimmingly until that bloody mission!!!!!!

I cannot wait till my new PC copy comes to complete this game.

Yes yes yes I know. I'M SUCH A FANGIRL!!!!!!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

New PC

Well I finally did it and bought myself a new computer. I am going to be paying back money forever but its worth it. My other one was knackered and 10 years old. It was slow and horrible. I am now on windows 7 with a fairly decent rig ready for Guild Wars 2 when it comes out.

This morning I pre-purchased the game and am currently down loading the beta which is HUGE! Been going half and hour and we are only at 10%. Madness! But exciting. I got many many many awesome hours of game play out of Guild Wars 1 so am really looking forward to the sequel.

As usual Yoda from work has told me everything I need and I got to putting it all on Thursday night. My sweet new graphics card makes the Sims 3 look like a whole new world. Unfortunately though I am experiencing some freezing with the base game. No idea why. When I look on the forums it seems there can be some issues with Windows 7.  I'll have a play around with the graphics and put on a couple more games and see if its just the Sims being buggy. Fingers crossed I can find a fix as aside from GW2 the Sims 3 was the main reasons I wanted the new PC.

In other news, my kitchen is slowly happening. My mate Cheles mate Andy very very kindly came round and got all the crap round the windows I couldn't with the steamer and then did my ceiling for me. I still have to scrap a few odd bits of wet paper that stuck up but I'm not at the point where Steveo can come round and tell me whats next with a view to skimming everything and making it all pretty and then ready to paint.

I really hate DIY. I mean I started this at Xmas. We are nearly in June. I really am bad at DIY. But I have to keep telling myself it will look awesome when its finally done and add value to the flat. Which I need considering when I last had it appraised, the Halifax valued it 5k below what I bought it for. Not inpressed. I have spent 4 years overpaying and by my Martin Lewis spreadsheet calculations that meant I had got it 90% loan to view this month, only for them to do that and refuse to offer me another mortgage product.

Hehe we just got to 12%. I'm going to have to leave this running while me and my brother take gran for her weekly shop. Okay so now I am back up and running properly time to get blogging properly again. Until next time, peace out!