Sunday, 20 April 2014

Been awhile

Well my writing has been pap for the last .... erm what now. Half a year???

Big changes in the world of Debs. First up I met someone.Thats pretty serious now. So serious that he's moved in :) Star ships and all. Yes people I have nearly an entire welsh dresser full of star ships from Star trek. I will say some are really cool like the Enterprise etc and some not so amazing. Theres this butt ugly bright orange bajoran one I really am not fond of.

The crazy person who was living under me is gone. Yeah! Gangs of hoodies have calmed down and mostly gone. Yeah! I may of course have a new crazy neighbour as others are telling me there is another drug addict under me now. Excellent ..... why thank you Kirklees council.

Going on hols soon to Majorca. Should be the Binnsmeisters hen doo except shes pregnant now and the weddings been moved. Not to worry a holiday is still a holiday! Looking forward to it.

Lost 2 stone. Although probably won't have by the time Easter is over. Ahhh well.

Works letting me do a course in June - how to make e-learning packages. Very excited. Have been asking for 3 years to let me do that. Also had this incredibly cool Blend it session with Julie Wedgwood -

Things seem to be taking off a little :)

Also my friend Yvonne is back in the UK for a couple of weeks soon from Canada. Can't wait to see her again and  catch up.