Monday, 16 January 2012

Offically rejoined slimming world again

So I managed to actually find the confidence to walk into the DRAM centre by myself. I had been fretting about it all afternoon, but it had to be done. As it was 9 other new people joined tonight, including a little boy. To say it was the local club I only vagually recognised a couple of faces.

My 10 % target seems so far off but I have to keep telling myself, I want to be a size 16 for Kate and Steves wedding. I can't go to another wedding this big.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fat Girl slim w/c 03.01.12

Well I have just weighed myself and its shocking. I have so much weight to lose. I have had a fairly good week. Not had too many bad things, I have been trying to drink more herbal tea and water at work, snack on yogurts, special k bars etc.

Time to get serious!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Fat girl slim begineth again

So the diet starts today. I would have started it two days ago but I still had food not so good for me needing eating up. And the climate we are in now, you don't throw things away without using them. Plus I am back at work so its easier for me to get into a routine. I have my muller light, banana, wholemeal bread roll, mugshot  - all ready for a green day. I have porrige at work and I have herbal teas. I am going to try drink more herbal teas - hopefully it will help with this annoying cold that won't die too.

What I also need to do is get into an exercise routine. I tried running last year with some limited success but I have knocked the gym on the head to save money and its far too cold at the moment. Perhaps when it gets warmer - towards April I can try again. I may have even lost some weight by them. What would be brilliant would be to find someone willing  to come jogging with me but I doubt I can talk Chele into that. The truth is when I could do it last year I did enjoy it its just one day my body and my confidence just seemed to run out and I stopped. But shes up for swimming so perhaps we can get that going weekly.

The meditation is going well - 3 days in a row. Sessions all been about half an hour. Last night I kind of almost fell asleep but I think that was the cold and the medication more than anything but it will have still been beneficial for me.

Piano is going well too. Again I have practiced and played 3 days in a row. So I will try get back to doing an hour each night and half an hour meditation each night. Far more productive for me than spending all evening infront of the TV or on the PC. And if I can find an exercise DVD and make myself do that too, fantastic.

So all in all 2012 seems to be off to a good start.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Year of the Deb!

Well according to my brother this year is the year of the G. But thats for him. This year for me is the year of the Deb. In that I am going to succeed this year and enjoy it. When we get to this time next year Im not going to be moaning about how 2012 turned out (well unless some mad crazy event does happen on Dec 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I suppose I could moan about last year now. It had some pretty horrible moments and Im also a big snot monster at the moment and feeling poo . . . . . .  but instead Ive decided to be positive and focus on the good stuff.

The main thing being the birth of my gorgeous niece. That is the best thing that happened to me in 2011. Shes just so amazing and changed so much in 9 weeks.

Following that was getting some self respect and making the decision in April not to go out of my way with people who really cannot be bothered with me. Not that any of those folks have noticed or seem to care but thats their problem not mine. You should appreciate what you have in front of you when you have it!

I feel millions better about myself and now I am no longer being used. Im still working on the forgiveness part for the person who did use me and Im confident it will come.

I also got a promotion at work, recognition for all my hard work over the years.

I met a couple of new friends. Both are really interesting people. Ones a musician with a bearded dragon. The others got an interesting outlook on life and magical hair!

So new years resolutions for 2012:

1-Lose weight. I need to get my fat ass back to slimming world and drop a few sizes and get fitter.
2-Continue trying to teach myself piano.
3-Try to Meditate every day - I need to get back into spirituality
4-Save some money for either a new computer or a holiday or if I am incredibly lucky - Both!!!!!