Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fat girl slim update - some thoughts

Very happy to say my running made easy (zest) book showed up today and I really kind of needed it. As I predicted I ache like buggery. What made it even more annoying is Steve aka my gym buddy - who consequently Im not sure how much of a gym buddy he will be after this week as hes leaving work and the last few times hes been on A/L he's epically failed the gym everytime. So I think Im going to be on my own as of next week . .. . . but yeah I just digressed. Its annoying as Steve never aches.

So yes all day long, aching aching aching. Then to my horror the feeling of tiredness that I seemed to have a week a so a go is suddenly back. Im not sure what this is all about. So I have started a taking a multi-vitamin every day. Im trying to eat the protein that Kirts told me too - which isn't easy. 300g of cottage cheese is alot to eat as a snack. Im going to go to bed earlier tonight and try sleep it off abit. My next gym session is friday, so hopefully a couple of good sleeps between now and then will sort me out.

Anyhoo - my zest book is pretty good and now Im feeling at lot more positive and motivated. Lots of testimonials of people who have embraced running and Ive just flicked through and discovered some stuff I didn't know. First up apparently most runners, the first 10 mins are awful. After you cross that mark things start to get better. Obviously Im nowhere near the 10 min mark yet. Im stuck around 8 to 9 mins with recovery walk breaks in between. Hopefully though being armed with this nugget of info will help next time I get on the treadmill. When Im plodding on there feeling awful Im going to try telling myself over and over as soon as you hit 10 mins you will feel better.

The zest book says to diary your experiences everyday - check Im pretty doing that on here. Lots of suggestions what to eat - salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach . . . .  check - Im doing all that. List reasons to run in book: Heres a few:
  1. I want to love myself more, but have less of me to love - can resonate with that one! Weightloss big reason I started. Goal created - I want to get back into my green dress.
  2. I want to banish away the blues
  3. I want to be able to do a 5k run - hell yes, This was the start of the whole thing also. Check - signed up for race for life in july. Goal created.
  4. I want to send my esteem rocking - yes please!
I think I will add -
  •  I want to be fitter - not out of breath, be able to bound up stairs, walk up hills with ease etc
  • To help with stress - channel all that negative energy into running
  • I actually DO want to be able to run. I see all these amazing people on the roads and look at them thinking wow, amazing. I want to do that.
  • I want to be in control
  • I want to challenge myself - see how far I can actually go
Anyway every morning after a gym session, Bex bless her asks me how its gone. This morning I turned round and said not so good . . . . blah blah blah I only managed blah blah blah. I was pretty miserable this morning and still disappointed I didn't manage the 5 mins. Bex told me off and Im kind of glad she did as in doing what I was doing I wasn't acknowledging what I had managed to do.

3 months ago, I was really really really unfit. Now Im not saying Im fit now but I feel so much better than I did. I have lost 10lbs in weight. Okay its not as much as I would like, but Im also loosing inches and building muscle. Thats good - and think about it thats only running/jogging 1 - 3 mins at a time. Its got to fall off when I get to 20 - 30 min sessions time. But the best part is after xmas I pretty much wanted to collaspe after 30 seconds. Now I can do 3 mins straight. I have improved 10 fold.

My dad told me when I said I wanted to run, it was the stupidest idea I had ever had. That I would hurt myself. That I was too fat to run. Well apparently there are tons of other overweight people doing that. The truth is I think this is the best thing Ive done in a long time despite aching like buggery, sweating buckets and feeling knackered some of the time. And Im going to continue and prove him wrong. I want to run all or pretty much all of that 5 k in 3 and a bit months and I want him standing at that finish line eating his words and proud of me. I want to be proud of me. So you know what Im going to run. If it takes me 3 and a bit months or 3 years I will get there somehow.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Todays attempt at running

So I have been pretty bad foodwise the last couple of days, and on top of that I didn't go out a 3rd time on sunday. I was feeling a little pumped at work earlier and stupidly decided to try see what I could do of week 4, but not listen to the podcast. I stupidly thought I could do without Laura and have a crack at running wk 4. Na da. Todays session went like this . . . .

  • 5 min warm up
  • Ran 3 mins
  • Walked 90 secs
  • Ran 3 mins
  • Walked 2 mins
  • Ran 2 mins
  • Walked not sure - 2 mins I think
  • Ran 90 secs. I couldn't go any further. Was pretty disappointed.
  • 5 min cool down
On the one hand its good that I did it with less recovery periods but I was still disappointed I couldn't do the 5 mins. So Friday its back to Laura and week 3 again. My legs ache, but thats good. Ive eaten properly today, so thats good.

In other good news I have now handed in my huge change management assignment and done the 15 min presentation. I was pretty much bricking it on the presentation front but I survived and my boss said it was good. I even got a card and a bottle of wine :0)

So just 3 more small assignments to go and ILM is done and dusted!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Epic fail on the jogging today

All good intentions went out the window last night when my mate Chele invited me round and impromptly opened up a bottle of her homemade, unbelievably strong wine. One glass turned to two and the viewing of Rita, Sue and Bob two 1 and a half times later meant I stumbled home and have a banging headache this morning to the point that only a Shaws breakfast is going to fix it. So I think I am repeat week 3 this week. I don't think Im ready to try jog 5 mins yet so will have another bash at the 3 mins.

Now my stats information on here informs me that theres some folks reading from the USA and Canada so Im guessing you probably having heard of Rita Sue and Bob too. Its from the 80's and all I can say is that this movie wouldn't be allowed to exist today. A lot of expletive terms and content thats very wrong in todays society. Heres a rather infamous clip.

So I have just posted my census and how dumb is this? On top of there being a question that just says go to the next question the government made it so its too big to fit in a normal postbox. Had a right job on folding it and getting it inside the one over the road. Good work chaps!!!

Okay well I need a big fat Shaws breakfast sarnie and a cuppa to see if I start coming round again. Peace out!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Im having one of "Those" mornings

You know when you managed to drop everything or do every stupid little thing possible. I rolled out of bed, Im not kidding totally misplaced my footing and nearly fell down. I managed to grab the computer chair just in time. Nearly slipped in the shower, then I washed up and managed to get water all over me. Made an omelette and managed to hit myself with a mushroom. I tell you I am dangerous with a spatula. And just then I turned this on and forgot I had left a cuppa brewing. Result - a cup full of tar! Joy. And its grandma shopping day so I can't be being absent minded and clumsy.

In other news - Im not aching as much today since run 2. Excellent. So I am going to try run 3 again in the morning in the park. I will do the same, get up at the crack of dawn and just go for it. Im going to have to get used to running outside if Im seriously going to do this and who cares who sees me right? Im doing my best. Lost 3lbs this week which I was pretty happy about.

Is it bad that I am loving this . . . . .

Radio 2 has been playing it 24/7 and I can't get it out of my head. I think its the slowmo talky bit Im loving and the lyrics top of the morning to you. But still very cool at the mo.

Booked my tickets to see my Geordies. Bit of background - being the geeky lass that I am, several years ago one of my uni flatmates put an ad in the SFX mag looking for penfriends and somebody called Nicky wrote back, we wrote letters to each other for several years and she has now become one of my best mates. We share a love of stargate and many other sci-fi related things and have been to a few conventions together. Sadly its been a few years since we made one and the problems purely monetary. However through Nic I have met her mates Jo and Laura who are just brilliant and when I go up and visit we have a blast. They last came down to my 30th, this year is Nics so Im going up for a few days and we have decided to do the Tyndale Beer festival. Im quite excited about this as Ive never been to a beer (and cider I believe) festival and they are painting these beautiful visions of sunny days, picnics and steadily getting drunk in good company. So I got my tickets sorted yesterday on nat express - £21.90. Ammendable and refundable if ness. Complete bargain. Okay I have to get to leeds first but thats no biggie.So I am counting down the days now to our summer adventures and the race for life.

This is my fav pic of us but its a few years old now so I should get a nice new one when I see them in a few months.

Race for life news - I now have 2 sponsers. £15.00 raised. 21% towards target. Haven't been round and bothered everyone yet. I will do that end of April I think. Excellent news.

Last night I had one of those rare and hopefully becoming less rare evening out with some girlfriends. I didn't drink for 2 reasons - 1 Im on grandaughter duty and 2 I am trying to be good dietwise so I stuck to diet coke and lime and sode water. But it was really nice to kick back and have a chat with the girls. I had a nice chin wag with Louise who I knew from highschool and we seem to be pretty much in the same place lifewise at the moment. She joked we are both becoming too cynical and perhaps I am. Thats something to ponder. Have I become so cynical from previous experiences that its stopping me enjoying other ones? I sound a bit like Carrie Bradshaw LOL

Haha I just knocked my cup of tea over. I have a serious case of stupid clumsness today . . . . .. ....

On that note I'll leave ya. Peace out !

Friday, 25 March 2011

Couch to 5 k wk 3 run 3 and sham marriages

So I got myself to the gym last night and managed it. When Im doing the run it seems hard but afterwards suddenly its Ive done it. Last night even the 90 seconds seemed to take long. I ran at 6.7 which felt better. I think my speed is 6.7/6.8. I wore a different pair of jogging pants, thinner ones I hadn't been able to get into for ages and I will go back to my others and as I was a right sweaty betty. Naturally one treadmill on a stick insect girl proceeded to run for about 15 mins really fast making me feel somewhat inferior again. The walk home was okay and at least I remember it this time. Got in and treated Kav downstairs to an inpromptu singing session of starships we built this city, baba O'riley and turning Japanese. Lord only knows what he thought. Anyway I have to try get my ass up sunday morning again and attempt the 3 mins in the park.

Last night Panorama showed an interesting documentary on Sham marriages. They went undercover and showed some criminal gangs selling women to agree to the marriages and a really really really dishonest lawyer in London who caught on undercover camera was very clearly happy to participate in breaking the law but then did the slippery lawyer thing at the end claiming otherwise. Shamful. I really hope they don't get away with it. They followed one couple pretending to be a TV show happy weddings or something, an Ali and Maria. The women maria turned out to have ripped off the name from poor spanish girl who had no idea and disappeared completely. The groom Ali worked at 2 restuarants and even went out after being married on a date with one of the undercover team. Naturally he disappeared at the end too. Absolutely shocking how dishonest people will be.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Godlfish - there alive and run 2 week 3 C25K

Came home, my babies were still alive. Spent over an hour cleaning out the tank properly. I mean it sparkles now. Let the water warm back up to room temp and popped the fish back in and now they seem fine. My boss says it was due to the water being too cold, which I stupidly forgot about as I had turned the heating off this week.

My friend Amy came round last night for a cuppa and I was still feeling knackered. I don't know whats with me this week. I just seem to be feeling knackered all the time. I started taking a daily multivitamin to see if that would help but not noticing a difference so far. Last night I was thinking I would skip the gym today and just do a run 2 on sunday and repeat week 3. However this morning, I still ache a fair bit but then I got my first sponsorship on my webpage for race for life. Georgie Jo bless her sponsored me £10. I love her to bits. So I immediatly felt guilty and have packed my gym bag now. Maybe its the low fat high protein stuff that my body is trying to get used to. I have no idea.

Anyway, presuming I do make it to the gym tonight, I will try the running on 6.7/6.8 this time. Fingers crossed.

Consequently I had a spare hour to myself last night and watched a re-run of Battle Star Galactica. I totally forgot how awesome this rendition of all along the watchtower is. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Goldfish update and body image

They are at least the right way up in the bowl I have them in now. So Im guessing thats good. Fingers crossed. Ive put about 6 or 7 fish flakes in there to see if they actually eat anything. There moving a little round the bowl now. Oscar looks the worse, he's tried to swim a couple of times and keeps bottlenosing. I did consider giving them some peas, perhaps tonight.

Before the big fish panic last night I was watching a show called supersize vs super thin kids addition.Its  presented by this chap - Dr Christian Jesson.
He gets one supersized person and one super thin person to live together in a feeding clinic for a few days and to eat the others diet. Its a bid to teach them to be healthier. Last night there was a you boy I think in junior school weighing 16 stone.

Ive had an interest in body image since I did it for my dissertation at uni. Its not only somthing that affects every since person but also big busniess for the economy. I remember watching a video called Slim Hopes. Advertising an obsession in Thinness." I think Annie Lennox sums up the whole idea of the "slim ideal" here:

Last night they had a girl on who had been anorexic. A young teenage girl. Apparently there are these pro-ana site they call them urging girls to not eat to be thin. Now normally Im on the other side of body image, being overweight I suffer for low self esteem and confidence. But seeing the other side and how dangerous it is for children as such a young age is heartbreaking. No 9 or 10 year old should be thinking how can I live on 1 apple a day to stay thin.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

C25K Week 3 run 1

Im pretty miserable right now. Not cause of the run at the gym earlier. But because my goldfish are seriously in a critical condition. I was waiting until the weekend to properly clean out their tank but tonight they were gasping for air and breathing irratically. So I decided to do a partial waterchange. As soon as I did that suddenly they were upside down and on the bottom of the tank, barely breathing. So I have fished them out into a bowl with good intentions of cleaning the tank tommorow night. And they are just laid on the bottom, not swimming, barely breathing. Ive administered some swim bladder stuff. Now really all I can do is wait and pray.

The run. Well it went pretty much:
  • Walk 5 mins. Im a pro at this now
  • Jog 90 seconds. Not too bad - used to it from last week.
  • Walk 90 secs - easy got breath back
  • Jog 3 mins. Well the first time round it didn't seem that bad. "Laura" advised we were half way through the 3 mins. I chugged on.
  • Walk 3 mins - doodle
  • Run 90 secs -managed it was flagging
  • Walk 90 secs - yep did that
  • Run 3 mins - OMG. "Laura" informs me I have 1 min left. That was the longest min of my life. I also think I went too slow today. At 6.5 it seemed slow. So Im cranking it up to 6.7/6.8 Thurs on run 2. 
  • Walk 3 mins. Took a while to get my breath back.
I don't really remember walking home. It seems rather like a dream. I think I needed some energy. I ate a banana but it didn't really hit me properly. Had some tea when I got home. Really do feel quite knackered. I cleaned up the kitchen, made my eggs and spinach for tommorow and cooked some chicken as it went out of date at the end of today so that lunch tommorow too. Not sure what with yet though. Then the fish saga hit me.

Ive just had another look at my babies and there are at least breathing a bit more and theres some fin movement. But still upside down and not swimming. Im going to go to bed and hopefully they might be in better shape tommorow.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


So Vamps have kinda become quite big culturally over the last few years. This is due to the success of one certain Joss Wheadon - I bow down to you sir and a few book series - the sookie stackhouse ones and the ones that Robert Pattinson is staring in the films. So your probably familiar with the following:

In case anyone is wondering Im soooo not team anything on the twilight front. I despised that film. Not saying that Robert Pattison isn't nice to look at but it took about 2 hours to do a story that could have been done in 20 mins and it was so cheesy. Trueblood however Im loving and Im very much Team Eric.

So really what is a vampire?

"Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person." Wiki

So my reading of that is they can feed on your via blood or energy as thats part of your life essence too.

Stories of Vampires started circulating in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Once of the most famous being "Dracula" from Romania. This was publicised more in 1897 when one Bram Stroker (Tips hat to you sir) published his novel Dracula. Naturally it got the victorians all in a tizz.

Theres a hell of a lot of information on wiki which Im not even going to try summarise. So if your interested heres the link:

Legend and more specifically Vern last night (who coincidently I got to for all my supernatural monsters advice) tells us that a Vampire can be warded off in the following ways:

  • Crosses/Crucifixs
  • Silver bullets
  • Stakes
  • Garlic
  • Holy water
  • Turn into bats or other familiars
They are said to not be able to walk on holy ground, walk in daylight and also theres some rule that if you don't ivnite them in they cannot cross your threshold.  They are also supposed to be incredibly sophisticated, charismatic and attractive.

Now I've never met a vampire so I couldn't tell you if they are real or not. I do believe people can feed off energy though. Have you ever been round someone and felt drained? Well I have experienced that. Anyway the big V man says I don't have to worry as the Vampires will only come after the Zombie accopolspe. Hehe okay then. I won't worry about it at present.

Seriously though some people think theres is a perfectly normal explanation for said legends and some people feeling then need to ingest blood. Firstly theres those people who genuienely believe it and start killing or drinking blood and theres is also some medical explanations i.e. Porphyria.

I'm going to conclude the same way I did in an essay I wrote for Uni about Fairies - Whether they really exist isn't the point. I can't prove it one way or the other. What matters is they exist in culture and our beliefs and thats what makes them real. Giving hope (to some) and fear to others. What do you all think? Comments as always very much welcomed!

C25K Week 2 run 3 and Vampires . . . .

So I have just got back from the park. I actually set my alarm at 6.30am and got up and made myself eat a banana for energy. Then went back to bed for a half hour, got up again and slung on a tracksuit. Fed my goldfish who looked at me as if to say "are you crazy women. Do you know what time it is on a sunday morning?" Decided to ignore them and made myself stretch really well. I got up really early to try avoid anyone seeing me. Hell knows a red faced fat girl trying to run is not the worlds nicest thing to watch. That failed miserably as immediatly one of the women from the cafe round the corner saw me and the nice coloured bloke who says hello to me every morning on the way to work appeared out of nowhere gave me a funny look and then waved across the road to me. So no doubt the neighbourhood gossip chain will have the news out that "Debbie went exercising sunday morning". Honestly you would think my lot have nothing better to do that gossip. Well actually none of them work and most of them drink all day so I guess they have to talk about something . . . . I'm sure by the time I got get my sunday paper Mr Patel will be asking me about it.

Anyway the session went like this:
  • 5 min walk warm up to the park. Had to stop the mp3 as I hadn't made it to the park by 5 mins and "Laura" was going to tell me to run."
  • After successfully navigating myself over the road, a couple of funny stares for some pedestrians I got to the park and resumed the podcast. I started jogging on the grass. Realised it was in fact totally different to on a treadmill.  I was also going up hill. Made it to where the swings were and thought I can't do this. Stopped. Then amazing to my surprise my subconscious mind suddenly yelled at me, "You can do it. How is it any different really." So I listened and resumed jogging. I think I lost about 10 seconds of the 90 sec jog. 
  • Walked 2 mins. This seemed to go really fast.
  • "Laura" told me to run again. I resumed jogging. Mentally set myself a track round the grass. Again struggled going uphill. My mind reasoned it doesn't matter how fast you do it just do it." So I continued abeit slowly.
  • Walked 2 mins. Starting to get hot and sweaty.
  • "Laura" told me to jog again but gave me some advice about breathing. Start on left leg breath in and count to 4 then breath out. Decided to try it. It seemed to work quite well. I continued on my slow jog. Suddenly was surprised 90 secs was over. 
  • Walked 2 mins.
  • Jogged again. Did the breathing. Same out come. 90 secs was over fast. Was beginning to like that I wasn't jogging and thinking come on whens this over!
  • Walked 2 mins. Saw a dude walking his dog. He looked at me like I had 2 heads or something. Decided I could go 2 ways here. Either get self conscious and stop or value all the hard work I had done to get to this point. So I went with the later, flashed him and the dog a smile and got on with my next jog.
  • Jogged 90 secs. Again it surprised me how fast it went.
  • Walked 2 mins. 
  • Did my last jog. Another dog walker. Again the session finished really quickly. 
  • Actually rather geekily did some sort of victory punch in the air when "Laura" announced the cool down. Found myself saying breathlessly."I did it!"
  • Walked back to my flat proudly, stretched then drank some water to rehydrate and devoured half a small tub of cottage cheese for protien repair. Kurt at the gym would be so proud of me. Look Kurt Im listening to you and trying to follow your eating plan advice!!!!!!
  • Showered and decided to share with the world my success on my blog.
The thing I did like about doing it outside was you don't feel like you get so hot as the wind is blowing. Also the grass was nicer to run on than a treadmill. So the plan is now, try week 3 on tues and thurs at the gym and hopefully I will do the park again next sunday. Best of both worlds then. Im getting the fitnesses training in on the treadmill and the experience on the grass properly outside (abeit slower jogging) as well.

Anyway did you all see the moon last night. Wasn't it gorgeous. It got to 8 pm and I decided to go for a quick walk. I called on my mate Grant who lives up the road to see if he wanted to see it too but was informed he was in the bath so I left him to it, walked down to grovener road where the playing fields were and just stood there for about 10 mins enjoying it. I also called my brother and suggested he put the kids in the car and take them for a drive so they could witness the beauty too especially as it would be 20 yrs before it happened again. Then I found myself texting my friend Vern in Halifax to see if it was just as beautiful over there. He came back and informed me it was actually a blood moon and that Vampires on this night deem all blood not good enough to eat. That got me thinking about vampires and the fact I haven't really been writing about the paranormal side and mysteries I promised. So I'm going to do another blog now dedicated to Blood suckers.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Supermoon tonight

So its a once in every 20 years event this evening. The moon is the closest to Earth that it gets I think and that plus a combination of other factors that Im not even going to pretend I understand or did understand when they were discussing it on radio 2 yesterday means it will look a lot bigger. I remember this happening before. Dad was taking us to visit my gran when she lived in wakefield and you could see it looking huge and beautiful on the way over. Im praying for clear skys tonight so I can see it again.

Now Ive just had a thought. The moon has an effect on the tides and water etc. Some nurses claim it has an affect on people when its full. Theres mental institutions that report patients going strange during a full moon. The tsnami - thats just hit poor Japan. Its coincided with a supermoon. I think I need to do some research here - did anything major happen 20 years back at the last one? Is there pattern?

I managed run 2. There was a slight dumbass moment when I acidently pressed stop on the treadmill instead of pause. My right calf was giving me gyp and I wanted to do a quick stretch. That meant I had to reset my programme. I felt like I cheated a little bit as it meant I got a little extra recovery time. So to make that up I tryed to run a little longer that "Laura" told me to on the podcast. Shes been very helpful this week randomly giving me breathing tips during the routine. The good thing was it wasn't as bad this time round as tuesday. I ran slower, paced myself better and was very consciencous of my arms and tryed to keep them more relaxed. I didn't start getting a stitch this time and didn't seem as tired out. In fact the last running interval I actually felt I could have kept going. So I am more confident for doing the 3 mins next week.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Week 2 run 2

Im trying to mentally get into gear for this after work. Im reasoning freaking out is just mental. Ive done it once therefore I can do it again. If I can do this week, theres no reason whatsoever that I can't do next week. If I start to struggle abit I can always knock down the speed. I was pondering that maybe I have been trying to run to fast as 60 seconds definitely didn't feel as bad as 90. So the plan is hit that treadmill up to 7 as normal and jog, try not to go to quickly and tire myself out.

I have bar monday when I was off been eating right. I even tryed to follow Kirts meal plan. Today its porrige and cinnamon to start. I have my potatos in my bag for lunch and my cottage cheese is there. I have my banana for before the gym. I have my cottage cheese in the fridge for when I get back in and theres chicken in there to cook for dinner tonight. Yesterday I had my first frozen spinach. Im not big on spinach as its pretty bland and I certainly didn't have 4 eggs like Kirt said as 4 eggs come on. I had 2 boiled instead and reheated the spinach at work to eat with them. Its seemed to work though. Took some strawberries and blueberries to snack on. Been drinking tons of water. I will just have to try be good this weekend and hopefully touch wood in Kirts class monday I will have dropped some.

I know one thing, Im a trouser size down now and things are feeling loose. My coats alot looser.

Anyways - I'll let you know how it goes!

Peace out!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fat Girl Slim is freaking out

Ok first up my god do I ache this morning from yesterdays workout. But that has to be a good thing. It means I used my muscles right.

Stupidly, stupidly stupidly I started reading some other peoples blogs and watching some Vid blogs on couch to 5k and holy crap next week Im supposed to run for 3 mins. Yesterday was hard. 90 seconds was hard, but 3 minutes. Double what I did last night.

Okay okay lets be sensible here. Concentrate on this week. Maybe fridays session will feel easier. I can always repeat week 2 until I can do it without wanting to die. And if all these other people can do it and some of them are bigger than I am - theres no excuse. Respect to all those other people.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fat Girl Slim - C25K Week 2 and Outcasts Finale

OMG I actually was under the illusion that running an extra 30 seconds while having 2 mins to recover walking wasn't going to be too bad on account of conquering last week. Boy was I wrong. It went like this . . .
Warm up - no problems
  1. First 90 second run - all ok
  2. 2nd 90 second run - ok
  3. Third 90 sec run - getting tired
  4. Forth 90 second run - started getting a stitch
  5. Fifth 90 second run - Ouchies but I powered through as I thought it was the last one.
  6. Last run - oh my god and no amount of picturing the green dress made it an easier
But . . . . . I did it. I ache like mad and felt like I was going to keel over half the time but I did it. I just have to try do it again friday. I also ate a whole lot better today than the weekend.

So Outcasts the finale. I started off not sure on this one, Ive taken a long time to warm to some of the characters but in the last couple of weeks I was there and starting to really enjoy it. This continued in the finale. Clearly the writers had plans for a series 2 but its been announced now that its not happening so we were left with a cliff hanger. The ship that Julius has been contacting crashed down, fleur turned out to be a different type of AC, Stella managed to block the alien force making them ill and we got a fleur/cass kiss. Yeah! But now we will never know what should have happened. So in all geekiness I found one of the writers blogs and left a comment asking if they could share what would have happened. The comments been published but no response lol. I guess I will have to use my imagination as to what happened.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Outcasts, being human review and Pancakes

So Outcasts really did start of pretty crappy but its on a slow burn. Sadly I can't see the BBC picking it up for another series and recon its going to be one of those cult one off sci-fi things. Obviously not as good as say Firefly but now several episodes in it has it a few charms. Don't get me wrong. I still think Fleurs pretty annoying and Hermoines character is pretty bland but thank god for Cass and his angst this week as his old life collided with his current one. And thank good for Julius - he's just the correct amount of sinister to make you want to see how its going to pan out next week.

This week saw a rather creepy scene at the beginning where the president bloke was talking to an exact repilicar of himself - presumingly a manifestation of the alien presence that we now know is on the planet.

They are pretty pissed at the humans apparently and created the virus that started killing off the kids. Anyway Hermoines character starts figuring out how to communicate hoping a dialogue will change their minds about trying to exterminate the colony.

Cass finally got Fleur to agree to a date then someone sent him a note saying "they knew who he was, be in touch soon." Naturally he did that bloke thing where they freak, run to the bar, consume a stupid amount of alcohol, end up having a one night stand and then get in serious trouble as sed female turns out to be mentally unhinged and only after a gun. Robs him, they have a scuffle, she ends up bleeding in his place, then disappears.

Cass then got arrested, Fleur finds out his secret, freaks and pissed at him for sleeping with someone else doesn't support the bloke whos had her back for weeks now. Cass broke out of prison when he realised that it was the womens husband who wrote the note and actually was going to try kill her, he races to save her and presumably she clears his name. Fleurs still pissed though. However thats not all of her problems as Julius again contacts the other ship, it sends him a file and apparently Fleur is part of some experiment. Oh and to top it off, still pissed at Cass, stupid fleur then gets drunk and gets it on with Jack. Can anyone say angsy love triangle???????

Being human - Fantastic. I thought aidens portrayal of mitchell was excellent when Annie confronted him about the box 20 incident and he finally admitted everything. And finally Herrick got his memory back and proved just as evil as ever stabbing Nina right at the end. Can't wait to see the conclusion next week. The only downside was Robson Greens werewolf character biting the dust. Shame - McNair was pretty good.

Finally yesterday was pancake day in the UK. Normally I don't really participate in this as I tend to forget but for once I didn't. So I had some lovely pancakes for tea last night :0)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fatgirl slim - Couch to 5k

So I am offically starting this programme today. Im just going to have to make myself go to the gym on a weekend as well as its 3 runs. Either that or get my ass up to the park. I have been following Evil bearded tuff guys walk 1 min, jog 1 min programme for 2 weeks now and feeling much better about that. NB - I upgraded him back to Evil as I felt he was laughing at me at the gym last week. I mean Im trying my hardest here and I know I go all red and melt but I look in in that mirror and hes at the other end of the gym staring.

Anyway - I got myself an ipod shuffle have downloaded all the podcasts and will be doing week one tonight which Im envisioning not having too many probs with as its walk 2 mins run 1 min and Ive been doing more than that. Im also loaded some music for when Im on the cross trainer warming up and bike cooling down.

Last night urged by my friend Sahra who has lost a whooping 3 stone and looks amazing - I went along to another one of the gym trainers weekly healthy eating class. This was rather interesting so Im going back next week and have asked him to sort me out an eating plan. I should be eating differenting on training and non-training days. He also took my weight and measured my body fat percentage which was horrible! But thats going to go down. I was disappointed that even though I have been pretty good again on the food front this week the scales only showed 0.3 of a kg loss. I guess I really must be building up some muscle but thats a good thing as learnt from last night it will increase my metabolic rate and make me leaner.

I know I have been pretty crap on the blog front lately and thats due to ILM assignments. Once the course is finished I will post more often. However I will put some thought up about outcasts and being human next time.

Peace out folks!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fat Girl slim update

Finally after weeks at the gym I saw a drop in weight. Im 4lbs down. And I managed to get my walk/run prog up to 24 mins. The mucsles in my right leg keep giving me gip though. Ang at work said to keep rotating the ankle as it loosens them up. Gave that a go and it helped with my calf but my right thigh just feels huge this morning. Wish I knew if that was normal.

Trainer guy said to try jogging at a 1% incline so I might give that a go friday on my next gym trip.