Sunday, 27 February 2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost I salute you!!!!! Beware major geeking out ahead!

Im just fresh back from watching Pegg and Frosts new offering - Paul.

Pure pure pure genius boys. Loved it, loved it, loved it. So many homages, I particually liked the starwars cantina playing in the bar. I think in all honesty, Pegg and Frosts best work to date. 

And Frost was looking particually delicious even with the long hair. It also has to be noted that me and my mate Amy really really really want to make it to Comic Con one day.

In other news, after 2 months of playing on and off I finally bet FF 14 this weekend. And wowzers how mean can squaresoft be?????

Spoilers . . . . . . . look away now if you don't want to know!!!




So I played through 13 chapters, fought many many many bosses and I get right to the end . . . . . have to fight most of the bosses from previous chapters souped up and . . . . . . . then I have to endure an Epic 3 part battle, no save inbetween, no opportunity to change strategies and in their final parting gift squaresoft slap doom on me in part 3.

Could you make it any more harder??????????????????? A 20 min time limit. I got right down to 240 ish seconds. Geez I thought I wasn't going to make it. But I did and I was rewarded by one of the most epic cut scenes of all time.

As such FF 14 has been upgraded to my 2nd most favourite FF game. Naturally number 7 still holds the number 1 place.

Squaresoft have announced a sequel to number 14 recently and a teaser trailer has gone up on the web. It doesn't show much except Light in some funky angelic feather like armour and a bloke.

I am presuming he's the bad guy but then with FF you never can tell right?

Anyway now I have cracked open Starocean the Last Hope. I loved Star Ocean till the End of time, so hopefully it will be a good one. I mean with the main character called Edge Maverick - I kid you not!!!! How can it not be?????

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Race for life training - Fat girl slims starting to jog

Evil Mirror universe bearded tuff dude at the gym has hence forth been downgraded from Evil to just mirror universe bearded tuff guy. Purely because today he was rather unevil like and quite helpful. I had booked in for my review with Jo but for some reason he decided to do it instead. Perhaps since he has witnessed me sweating it out and being a huge red tomato since xmas he has a measure of respect for me now. Who knows!!! Anyway I explained I had signed up for the Race for life and looking to get my fat arse jogging and then running properly. I also told him about the NHS couch to 5 k thing and he said he could sort out a programme simular.

I actually downloaded the 1st podcast but as I am crap and have no mp3 player and no headphones with me for my mobile that wasn't an option. So I took him up on it and he programmed in me walking for 1 min and then jogging for 1 min for up to 32 mins I think. Today I managed 20. So I jogged for 10 minutes of that. And I felt bloody good. No way could I have done that at xmas. I am definitely getting fitter. Anyway I am going to work that up to the full 32 minutes and then I am going to get him to change everything to me jog 2 mins, walk 1 min and so forth and gradually build up my time jogging like the couch to 5 k works.

The only downside was I weighed myself fully expecting to have dropped weight as clothes are really starting to get really loose - I can't be far off dropping a dress size now. And the scales said I had only lost a pound. Mirror universe bearded tuff guy recons that I am building muscle. Who knows. But I'll keep eating right and hopefully I'll see the scales drop abit more.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Japanese dumpling making

So anyone who knows me knows that my cooking is very hit and miss. I either do a pretty good job or I create the worlds biggest mess. I have been wanting to try these for awhile, since Amy and I had them at the asian restuarent in Manchester. Been trying for ages to find some Gyoza skins and it was looking like I might have to order them off but as luck would have it the asian shop in inperial arcade had some in yesterday. No wasabi peas though as my boss bought them out at lunch time.

Anyway heres what you need:

1/3 cup finely chopped cabbage
2 tbsp of spring onion
1tbsp of garlic salt or 2 small gloves finely chopped
1 tbsp of ginger - the recipe called for fresh but I didn't have that so used ground ginger instead. It worked okay
1/2lb of minced pork
2tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
A packet of Gyoza skins - see below

I LOVE how the company is called Happy Belly.

Anyway - put the meat in a bowl. Mix it up with your hands until its abit sticky. Add in the garlic, ginger, Soy sauce and sesame oil. Mix some more, then add the cabbage and onion in. Combine well. It ends up looking like this:

Cover meat mix and bang in the fridge for 30 mins or so so the meat and veg can mix well. Then you spread a little flour on a mat/chopping board (this adds extra crispiness according to the tutorial I watched on youtube). Place a wrapper in the flour for a sec, life up and sit on your palm. With your other hand spoon a bit of the mix in the middle.

Sorry guys I didn't get a photo of that as I had my hands full. Next you wet the tip of your finger with water and run it round the edge of the Gyoza skin. Press it together like a half moon and work in some pleats. And you end up with. . . . . . . .  Drum roll please . . . ..



Da da! 

Next heat a wok/fry pan and brush with some sesame oil. Arrange the dumplings in and fry on high heat for 1 min. After that pour over boiling water till they are about half submerged, put a lid on and steam for 5-6 mins.

The water should all evaporate away and one side be golden brown. Plate up, mix some soy sauce and vinegar together and serve. Voila!

They were delicious and my belly is very happy!

Fat girl slim starting to get some results!

So the best thing about this week is looking in the mirror the other day and seeing my thighs. Normally I hate my thighs and I avoid them and run for the hills but I have been going to the gym now for about 6 or 7 weeks. Some weeks I have managed 2 workouts, some due mainly to illness just the one. I hadn't actually noticed it at all but it hit me this week. I'm getting fitter and my thighs are looking leaner.

I always walk home after a gym session and theres this really steep bit that normally knocks me a little out of breath. Well the two times I have walked it this week I've bounded up there. Fantastic.

Anyway I have made an appointment with bodybuilder Jo at the gym to review my programme this tues. 1 - Because I found myself actually putting up levels and adding more time on. So yeah pushing myself, thats good and 2-to start trying to run for the race for life. The first time I did this I walked it. This year I would like to be able to run some of it.

I thought I would share this.

This is part 1 of the weightloss journey. I want to get back into this dress. So I have taken it out the wardrobe and hung it on the door. It is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing at night. I really want to be able to post a photo of me wearing that dress on here soon.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I really can't make my mind up about this offering for the BBC. Its about a group of human settlers on a planet called "Carpathia" in 2060. So intially my head was like . . . "Oooooo its going to be like Earth 2". Nadda. I watched the first episode and decided that it was pretty flat. The only character I liked was played by Jamie Bamber and then they killed him at the end.

Being the scifi geek that I am, I deemed to give it a second chance so viewed ep 2. Now this was slightly more intriguing. They introduced a group of people called AC's - cloned humans to you and me. They were created genetically superior to survive in the environment and banished when they got a virus. They thought that they were the cause.  It gave the show and certainly the "president" a slightly darker edge as he ordered their execution. Jamie Bambers character didn't carry it out and set them free to create their own life away from the settlement however they are pissed!!! I really don't feel that engrossed right now but never the less I continued to view and catch the end of ep 4 on tuesday before I watched Gypsies.

Finally I was starting to warm to a couple of characters. Cass - now torn between his love for Fleur his partner in effectively the Capathia police force and his duty to the boring president guy. Its hinting he has a bigger and darker past thats going to come out at some point. Fleur - despite bounching excellently off Cass banterwise. Your sat there just like, "will they, won't they" get together. Well shes quite dumb really. She smuggled a baby out of the settlement in a dufflebag. She seems willing to throw away her whole career on a moment notice all the time. Like this week. They had to bring in a rogue AC who attacked someone in the city. One second shes terrified of him and the next shes risking everything to sneak out, find the AC leader and help the man.

Thank god for the introduction of the sinister spiritual guy played by ugly betties Daniel. He's growing on me more and more. Hes taking them down from the inside, clearly has a game plan and I think he knows a lot more about whats going on.

I still cannot warm to Hermione Norris's character. Shes cold and boring. She spent the whole first ep pinning for her daughter coming on the transport from earth and as soon as she has her back and the lass is understandably pissed at her mother - she throws her out. Okay the kid leaked some info to a radio host just to piss her off but your a parent. You don't miss 15 years of her life and then banish her at the first sign of trouble. Geez. And whats the deal with her obsession with  the machine that can let them picture memories.

There has been hints of something weird going on from the moment the president guys photograph was spinning on his desk. In ep 4 he went beyond the city wall and started seeing his dead children, saying I know your not real but don't leave me yet. I have 2 theories for this hehe. Im not going to say ghosts. Supernatural - its too BSG. Been done before. So my theories are:

  1. The president guy is suffering hallucinations from having that virus. Its not erradicated like they thought.
  2. Its some weird psychological after effect from Hermione Norris's memories machine.
 The end of ep 4 however has got me gripped to see ep 5 now. They found a skeleton. A 10 thousand year old skeleton. Again its a tad BSG like but it blows open a whole load more new possibilites. Have humans lived there before or is it of something else. Yes please. Dump some aliens on us. It can only make the show better.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gypsies and vampires

So it all came to an end last night and I have to say as far as channel 4 documentaries go, I really really enjoyed this one. Listening to the Jeremy Vine show yesterday it seems that the consensus for the gypsies themselves is not that happy about it. They feel they have been portrayed badly. Two gypsies were on the show debating it. One of them said that the grabbing thing doesn't go on in their culture.

Last nights focused on the wedding of a gyspy who had always been best friends with her cousin and another lass in Ireland who was very secretive to the point they upset the dressmaker at NICO but giving her the wrong date and letting her book travel and accomodation in Ireland. So she lost money.

It also showed the Appleby horse fair which was described as a Mecca for all travellors. The police presence last year was maniac and it finished on a peaceful protest by the gypsies down to the police station. The last programme served to highlight negative persecution of the culture.

So on to my new new new best programme. Being human. As usual I got into this two seasons behind everyone else. A werewolf, a ghost and a vampire all living together in a house. Its brilliantly written, just the right amount of action and humour. Some serious eye candy:

And you know its good if the US has remade it and naturally remade it badly. Can anyone say Red Dwarf LOL

Monday, 14 February 2011

A little something for all the singletons . . . . .

So that one day of the year is upon us again. Where everyone who is coupled up is showing their love and us ones who aren't get ignored and pretty much reminded that your not and made to feel miserable. Well not today!

Instead I share with you a poem that my wonderful friend Mr Simon Howes wrote for me over 10 years ago. He wrote this to cheer me up back in college one day. Its so beautful. If your feeling down and miserable about today I hope it cheers you up too.

"Look to the stars and see. Its with you, it smiles.
Celestrial bodies spinning  fast and true.
Have light and love and faith
For one star,
One star shines just for you."  Howes 1998

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Gypsys again

Despite this culture being highly sexist and a rather strange mixture of old and new traditions, I really cannot get enough of this documentary series. 

Well it was all around the male gypsies last night and we saw a glimpse into the darker side of the culture. The guys don't believe in saying no. Thats a sign of weakness. So instead everything is settled by fighting. A fight can last 5 minutes to up to 2 hours. Only the men are allowed to watch. They do normally have somebody there who acts to make sure its fair but from the looks of what we did see, anything pretty much goes. They fight until one of them drops and acknowledges their defeat.This and lack of good healthcare also means that the average life expectancy amongst Gypsies is a shocking 50 years old.

Again there issue of money, where it comes from, how much things cost was kept quiet. Gypsies do not talk about what they pay and their haggling skills. We did however learn that they do haggle. We also learnt that they tend to have the same style when decorating and reffered to it as the "versace effect" - meaning things should be shiny and marble.

Finally to be asked to be a godfather is a huge honor. The chap last night had 70 godchildren. It showed him at a christening but refusing to push the baby in the pram as "You just don't see it, its not a mans role." He explained that other men would laugh at him.

There was another wedding, this time a lass who was 22 - quite old in gypsy terms and she had worked for 5 years as a hotel receptionist. So strangly she was used to being independent. She gave all that up to move 100 miles away in a cavaran and cook and clean all day. At the end of the programme I felt for her as she said in the cavaran, "This is where I spend most of the day. It's like a prison. I don't like it." Poor girl missed her parents dreadfully and advised other gypsy women not to get married at 16 and live a little before becoming a wife.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fat girl slim 2

I actually got told I looked thinner today. Brilliant!!!!

Gyms getting better. I won't say easier yet, the treadmill session still kills me but I think I'm getting more confident. Hell I even managed to NOT hold onto the treadmill all the time when I was there last. And I didn't fall off. Anyone who knows me, knows I am accident prone as hell so thats a pretty major achievement on my part . . . . .

Today I signed up for the race for life in July with my mate. So I have offically 5 months or so to get fit and drop some weight.

If anyones feeling flush and fancies sponsoring this lass to get her fat arse round 5 K for charity - I will be running for my great uncle and friend Danny. Heres my fundraising page:
Been eating a lot of fish, veg and rice and trying to up my fruit and water.

I definitely need to work on the confidence thing though. And Im not just talking about having the courage to go to the gym. Today I was too scared to go wish someone the best incase I made an idiot of myself and embrassed them. Thats not healthy is it.

So I am now reading "feel the fear and do it anyway. How to turn your fear and indecision into confidence and action." By Susan Jeffers, 1987. Apparently it promises to learn you how to:

  • how it can be impossible to make a mistake or a wrong decision - fascinating concept
  • how to let go of negative programming
  • how its impossible to be conned - hummmmmmmmmmmmm not sure on that one
  • how to say "yes" to all circumstances in your life
  • how to raise your level of self esteem
  • how to be more assertive
  • how to connect to the powerhouse within - okay so we need to turn the swirling mass of debs crazy into a powerhouse but I like the sound of it. Presuming thats possible . . 
  • how to create more love, trust and satisfaction
  • how to deal with resistance from significant others as you take more control in your life - could be interesting . . . . 
  • how to experience more enjoyment
  • how to make your dreams become a reality
  • how to see yourself as having purpose and meaning
Sounds all good to me, so I will crack on with chapter one - What are you afraid of and . . . . . . . . . . why? tonight.

That aside - how good was Glee last night. Again two of my favourite things, Mr Schue half naked - hubba hubba hubba.

And rocky horror. Kurts riff raff was just brilliant. Mercedes rendition of sweet transvestite was amazing and Emma what the hell are you doing. Dump the dentist girl!!!!!!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oz, Gypsies 3 and more turning japanese

Big fat gypsy weddings just gets better and better. As steve said - my hairdressers chap who came with her last week when Kate cut my hair - it is essential viewing. This week it focused more on the female roles of gypsy life and to be honest in my head it looked pretty grim but in my sociological hat, you have to remember and respect this is their culture and way of life. Everything is normal to them.

As mentioned earlier the gender roles are pretty defined. Women have 2 important events in their life - their first communion and their wedding. Life is completely geared around getting married. They tend to be taken out of school around 11/12ish and from what the programme is telling us do nothing but clean, wait on their husband hand and foot and look after children afterwards. One gypsy was saying that they couldn't go anywhere without the husbands permission - even the shop for milk.

This weeks followed two more weddings. One lass was 18, which apparently is pretty old for a gypsy bride. It showed her sister who was 11 I think crying at the wedding as she realised her life now was cleaning and running around after her family as her big sister now  had her own husband and caravan. My heart felt for her. They don't have the opportunities we take for granted. Like the chance to go to university, day trips out, normal things like that.

There were more amazingly large dresses and this week a lady upped the anty with the biggest cake I have ever seen in my life.

This weeks documentary is going to be from the male gypsys point of view. It showed a preview of bare knuckle fighting.

I really wasn't as impressed with part two of JLC turning Japanese though. I really enjoyed last weeks as it showed us several really bizarre things. This week it all centred around JLC pairing up with a japanese comedian and them doing a duo show in japan. Oh and there was a freaky monkey in a cafe type thing too. It needed more stuff. More culture, more weird stuff, more umpth to keep up with the momentum from last week! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the final part has that.

If anyone is interested you can currently see the first episode here:

Finally I would just like to offer my prayers and love to all the Ozzies who have experienced the floods and typhon. I have family in both Brisbane and Cairns so it was pretty scary and worrying for a bit this week. Luckily we have now had a communication from my Aunt and everyone is okay. My cousins house by the sounds of it got battered up quite abit and her cane farm has been damaged. Thats lucky I suppose . . . . .  it could have been a lot worse. My Aunt told me that harbours have boats smashed up together, some houses have no ammenties, the army is on the way out with food and water. In Tully they have had 90% of shops damaged. Its going to take a long time for them to recover and get back on their feet. Much love to everyone, you are in our thoughts.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Bonkers about Bangers . . . . .

Come on. Who here loves a good sausage?

Admit it you do.

And your also chuckling reading this because for a few moments in the far reaches of your minds you were thinking I was being a little rude. Well on this occasion . . . . . . . . . Im sorry to disappoint - I am "of course" refering to the other Bratwursts.

Bex bless her, introduced us to the world of sausage appreciation this week. It seems Huddersfield has a sausage club. Many huddersfieldirians it seems love a good sausage to neccesitate a sausage club. And not only that, its invitation only. Must be good . . . . . . . . . How does one get an invite?

I'll hold my hand up, I really didn't set out to blog about sausages today but it just fell into place earlier at work. I love friday afternoons at work as it normally encompasses many a bizarre conversation. Plus today we were pretty sugared up, having made and eaten buns for charity. Im happy to report we raised £30 and put it with a further £40. Not bad going. Im unhappy to report that fat girl slim was pretty much KO'd today.

Anyway . . . . .Back to the bangers . . . . .I'm dedicating todays blog to Bex and I just can't resist as there are just toooooooooooo many funny google images with sausages. Heres a few:

For those of you who were secretly hoping I would post something kind of rude . . . . .
Even Trek's in on the action LMAO ...........................................

Which leads us to an almost Comdey Dave like tedious link. A certain person shocked me today never having had the pleasure of experiencing Shatners singing.

I have got to rectify that!

And heres something even more trippy

My work here is done. Peace out!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rikers beard

The opposite of jump the shark, i.e. when a TV show goes from unspectacular/boring/outlandish to completely awesome. It references Star Trek: The Next Generation, which was unspectacular until season 2, when Commander Riker grew a beard. The show kicked ass from then on.

Not only that though, Commander William T Riker is one sexy man. I met Jonathan Frakes once and well the picture says it all . . . . .

Yes . . . . . . every Riker fantasy possible is going through my head there. I couldn't even open my eyes. LOL

Anyway I have lost 1 bet - I bet Steve in my office he couldn't grow a Riker beard. He did and now I have to buy him a large pizza.

Not a good start to 2011 losing a bet. I honestly thought he would get bored over xmas or the beard would bug him so much he would shave it off but no the man will do anything where pizza is involved.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo close to winning another bet. Over 2 years ago I videoed some of my cousins wedding and my sisters boyfriend was hamming it up big style so I created and shared on Youtube this little ditty . . . .

I was bet by someone - now I still have to suss out who - it was 2 and half years ago, but someone bet me a tenner I think I could not get 200 views of this video on youtube. I am at 197. I need 3 more people to view this!!!!!! So if anyone is reading this please please please please click and watch that link. I could use a spare tenner :0)