Sunday, 29 May 2011

Something a little more exotic, oh and trueblood season 3

New stuff I have tried = Dragon fruit. Which looks like:
 My brother and I took my gran shopping yesterday and saw this. Gareth decided to buy me one but instantly regretted it when we got to the till and discovered it was £1.50. Anyway I had to google it to figure out what you even did to get in it and it turns out it was pretty simple, just slice it in half to get this:
It was bizzare. You know when you go to one of those all you can eat chinese buffets and you get to the desserts and theres squares of jelly, ice cream, pieces of bizzare cake and then squares of stuff that isn't jelly but isn't cake and certainly isn't ice cream and you can only put it down as some sort of hardened moose with a blah flavour??? Well it was kind of like that. Slightly tart but weird chinese buffet square dessert thing I really can't identify with seeds in.

I bought and subsuquently have now caught up with trueblood season 3. I actually enjoyed it more than the last season although its a bit of a weird ending.  

Look away if you don't want to know anything that happens in it now .................................



So Sookie is a fairy and in her words - "how f£$king lame". Yeah there was this whole dream sequence in which she dances with the other fairies in this paradise world. No wings, no toadstools . . . . just shes a fairy and can shoot lightening out her finger and her blood is like crack to vampires.

Lafayet is shaping up to become I presume a witch, and theres another blond witch in Bon temp now who tried to help Arlene abort her baby.

Sam finds his family. They are mental. Not surprised, nothing goes right for him. He lets his brother work for him, who stabs him continously in the back and it ends with him firing a shot at his bro.

Tara's been through hell and back, morning eggs - seriously EGGS what a name and then she hooks up with a psycho vamp Franklin who kidnaps her and decides she will be his vampire queen . . .

Meanwhile the real Vampire queen - of Louisianna to be exact . . . . turns out she hired Bill to find sookie.

The Vampire King of Mississippi also gets in on the action and it turns out it was him who abducted Bill during his highly romantic proposal to Sook at the end of the last season. Amazingly Tara's psycho vamp takes her to the same place and with the help of a werewolf hired by Eric to help Sook they rescue him and escape.

During which Bill almost drains our fairy herione, Tara finally flips and kicks him out into the sun to burn and thats when the whole fairy blood lets Vamps walk in the sun revolation comes from as Bill does not die. Although the effect is temporary.

Anyhoo Eric meanwhile after a rather nice back naked shot in ep 1 ( it was worth the £20 just to perve on that!), it turns out he has a beef with the king and has been searching for him for a thousand years. So he seduces and kills the Kings boyfriend, setting everything up for a lovely finale in which Bill and Eric trick the king and he ends up buried in concrete for 100 years.

Sookie quite rightly fed up with the lot of them tells both vamps to take a hike and it ends with her joining the fairies. Well at least there was a little Sam and Tara to ship. He told her hes a shifter, she freaked again, cut her hair and has now buggered off. Oh and Jessica gets a happy ending in she and Hoyt get engaged and he buys a house but there was a clip of his crazy mother buying a gun LOL Have I missed anything ????? Jasons dating a werepanther . . . . . oh yeah theres not just werewolves, but werepanthers too!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Apprentice ep 4

I am not warming to any of this lot yet. We are 4 weeks in and there all pretty crap. I intially thought in week 1 that susan had some nouse in that she claimed the price of the fruit salad was higher and then made out she had lowered the price to £2.50 when in fact that was the price they were selling at but this week she was annoying. Yeah you have a skin care business but you totally messed up selling the fake tan didn't you.

I did feel sorry for Tom is it? the guy Nick so nicely referred to as Mr calculator and notepad or something along those lines. He was the only one actually really thinking about stuff. He worked out the profits, made the very valuable point of they needed more than 1 treatment room and got totally ignored.  At least next week looks good. Hopefully some of them will buck up!

In other news Radio 2 today, awesome discussion on geese attacking people. Raised some discussion in the office, Bex has wisely deemed that if a Goose takes a dislike to you its good to have an engine of some sort so you can get out of there. I want to add some sort of body armour cause lets face it if one of those birds pecks you it isn't going to be pretty. I recon Im the sort of peron a goose would take a dislike too. Hell pigeons come over and freak me out so being chased by a frikking goose would no doubt be my luck. And the honking. Ouchies.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A belated happy birthday to my favourite geordie!


I cannot believe I forgot Nics birthday.

I normally do fairly well on remembering birthdays and I think its just cause I have it in my head its June Im up in geordieland that I got the wrong month. Anyway I want to say SORRY to Nic. I know I am late and feel bad with it being your 30th. I did text her yesterday when I realised how dumb I had been and missed her birthday. I haven't had a reply. As such Im stepping up the apology the only way I know how. A stargate happy birthday tribute for my best geeky mate!!!

I ordered her pressie last night. I hope she will like it. Its quite big so I hope getting it on the bus up to Newcastle won't be a problem. Anyway, if your reading this and Im forgiven . . . . ..


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life in a man suit and something to consider

I would just like to share with anyone reading this, another blog that I am following. You can click the link on the right. Life in a man suit is a friend of my brothers who I have known for many many years. Reading through his backposts has not only been enjoyable but he puts me to shame a little. When I started this blog I envisioned I would be posting about some of the spiritual/paranormal stuff that interests me and I haven't done much of that. In fact I haven't even meditated for weeks.

However I did have some thoughts this week. Energy comes in good and bad forms, I think. I believe and have been told by many people over the years at spiritual fairs I have been too that I can sense energies. The most intense of these experiences was when I visited my friend Simon in Oxford and he took me to a musuem where there was a lot of Egyptian relics. I don't know what had gone down in the place where they had brought them from but the energy coming off those was . . . .  I can only describe it as frightening. I couldn't stay in that room. It was like something really dark and dangerous was trapped in those exhibits. Simon of course thought I was mad. Im not even sure if he will remember that experience as it was so many years ago but the experience of it stayed with me. When I go to the spiritual fairs the energy is amazing. Completely the opposite, I could sit in one of those all day long and feel happy as a cloud.

So I think that if you surround yourself with good people and good things, you reap the rewards of that. You have good energy. I am also coming round to the idea that it works both ways. If you surround yourself with negativity, selfishness and meaness. It brings you down.

So heres something beautful to bring you good energy today. Enjoy!

Eurovision song contest

So last night was one of my favourite times of the year. The song contest was held in Dusseldorf last night. Radio 2 were doing interviews live from there on Friday. Sounds an interesting place. The set was amazing. All the competing countries had these little pod like areas. My favourite was actually Iceland. I thought the song was lovely and the fact the band were singing in honour of their dead friend was beautiful too. They didn't win though.

Azerbaijan were crowned the victors last night with this song:

England - although sucking somewhat with Blues number did fairly respectfully. Especially so compared to last year. We got something like 13/14th place and 100 points.

However Jedward did admiraby in 8th place.

I have failed miserably on the running front this week only making it out 1 day. I need to rectify that this week and get back to 3 times a week. I also need to start swimming. However I haven't failed miserably on the trying new stuff front. I have tryed a different curry this week. Okay it made me very ill. My stomach immediatly rejected it but it was lush. So Im going to say worth the pain.

And Becks challenged me to serenade my goldfish. So I did, and I filmed it. I showed it a couple of people at work who thought it was hilarious but Im not sure about putting it up on here. So I pose it to you the readers. Do you want to see my (I am assured fairly in tune) rendition of your so vain?????? Leave a comment or click the poll if you want me to put it up.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Couch to 5K Week 7 Day 2

Great session this morning. The last 5 mins of my 25 min run were a little tiring but got through it. Its been 4 days since my last run, I missed Sundays due to the Mayfest so was a little worried about how this one would go but so far not aching too much. My distance is pretty much the say, just over 1.5 miles. At least I am consistent! One of the girls on the facebook couch to 5k has said shes re-doing the prog, jogging at a normal pace on the walk bits and trying to run faster on the run bits. So I am thinking I might try that too once im done to try up my speed.

More fantastic news, I passed my ILM offically. Which is great, no more homework and all my bosses decided to treat me. Bev got me a lovely bottle of rose wine, Kirsty some beautiful purple flowers and posh yesterday some lilies. Thank you ladies they are all lovely!
Also the AMAZING Rebecca Heywood got me a speciality sausage - chocolate and pork. For those of you who haven't read my blog todate then may I draw your attention to the Bonkers about bangers post. In the OD Admin office - We LIKE sausages. Sausage appreciation is high and only perhaps surpassed by Cake appreciation.
It actually had lumps of chocolate in it. When I pulled it out the oven melted chocolate had oozed out. It looked a tad disgusting so I didn't get a shot. It tasted nice. I don't think I would order a chocolate sausage above say pork and apple or something but it was delicious. It also counted for todays new blog section - What I learnt or tryed today!!!! A chocolate and pork sausage!!!!

Today is going to be a great day - new vlogbrothers vid blog out and the Apprentice starts tonight. I read chapter 1 of sir Alans book last night. He was so enterprising at such a young age, selling material scraps, fire lighters. No wonder he got to where he is. Respect where its due.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


So I have spent some time today watching the Green boys vlogbrothers videos from the beginning. Yes I went to the very first upload in which the vlogbrothers started. Everything began 4 years ago, 2007 with something called Brotherhood 2.0. Hank and John decided to no longer communicate textually but by video only every other day back to each other. I am currently at April 12th.

If one of them accidently sends a textual communication they get punished. The punishments are good. John waxed his chin. Seriously he bleed. Twice. Also they set up a bank account fund called against world suck which all donations in it go towards charity. Well Im currently raising money for cancer research with my race for life sponsorship so I think I have for the moment got that quota covered. I don't think I have updated on that - so far £100 raised.

Anyway I think I am getting the gist of what you need to do to be a nerdfighter.

  1. In a very specific video titled "how to become a nerdfigher" the first step is to figure out what kind of nerd fighter you actually are. For instance - John Green (the author brother) is an english literature nerdfighter. Hank however is a magic card game playing nerd fighter. Naturally this got me thinking what am I????? 
Then it hit me Im two kinds of nerdfigher overlapping each other. Firstly I get obsessed with certain books and tv shows (mainly of the sci-fi persuasion) to the point where I have a seriously spooky ability to quote and remember the most bizare things about said shows and I obsessively rewatch and read them. Like how many times have I read the harrypotter series. It can't be healthy but I love those books so much. Secondly in my love of trek over the years I also simm. So that makes me an obsessive scifi TV show/book lover and Trek simmer Nerdfighter. What a mouthful. I might have to acronym that to OSTSBLTSN.

According to Hanks video, step 2 of becoming a nerdfigher is you have to make up some song lyrics about you being a nerdfigher. A theme song if you will. That ones is going to take a little more consideration. There are quite a lot up on youtube so Im going to have a rumage through to gets some ideas there.

As I said I am now up to April 12th and what I have also learnt so far is being a Nerdfighter means - being fun and taking a leaf out of the eyes of a child for instance - i.e. it is cool to put things on your head. Easy, I can do that. I don't tend to do fun stuff, being a boring dedicated responsible caring friend/daughter/sister all the time and worrying about everything so perhaps thats an area I have been going wrong. I need to do more mad fun stuff. Lets give it a shot.

Also you have to be a role model to others but in interesting ways and have a happy dance. Well Im sure I have one Ive just not really clocked that I have one. So now I need something to make me supremely happy and realise that I am dancing so I can suss out my happy dance.

Finally it seems you should be working on challenges. For instance Hank did the song every week one. So I am going to set myself a challenge, not just because I want to feel part of this whole project awesome thing but also as Im fed up of just coming home, sitting down and having the same evening every evening as Im not in a relationship, being excluded and have nadda money.

This challenge is to make my life more interesting and it is to either learn something new or do something new and report back on it everytime I do a new blog post. Hence forth a new section on this blog will be born - the what I did today part, inspired by the vlogbrothers. It can be little things like learn how to order a beer in japanese or bigger things like I don't know cook french toast - which Ive never tried. Just new things to try and you never know I might find something Im really good at or enjoy very much and it take me in a whole new direction.

So my first what I did today:

I have decided to read a different kind of book. I always read scifi or self help - not that the self help is getting me very far lmao. Anyway in excitment of the Apprentice starting again on Tuesday I have decided I will read an autobiography. A proper autobiography - as much as I love the Hoff one I own it was fun and cheesy. No this time a proper serious rags to riches autobiography. So I am going to read Sir Alan Sugars. Now I realise it will probably take me a while to get through it as looking at it now its quite thick. So this will be an ongoing what I did today. I will have try do a chapter everyday or something. BUT its a start.

I open comments up for suggestions of stuff that I can try and do.

Peace out

Mayfest - Mmmmmm beer!

So yesterday I did something that I haven't done in a really long time. A full day session - drinking with the girls. The day kicked off with a full English breakfast from Shaws - I figured I ought to line my stomach, especially as I don't tend to drink beer. Then I met up with Debbie and Louise and we went down to the head of steam and met up with everyone else, got a train to Halifax and onto the beer festivel.

We were expecting it to be 21c and glorious. It was warm but not sunny, so we stayed inside the arts centre. At first it seemed like there were a lot of bearded older yorkshire men, but as time went on a few hottie halifax men appeared. We gave them names like Jewish nosed guy. I text Vern a few times 1 to make sure he wasn't coming - he wasn't -  no surprises the PS3 needs fixing after all and 2 to try get a nice location for a curry - however we ended up going back to huddersfield any way by that point and went to the cinnamon lounge.

Called in on Simon at Legacy comics. Introduced a couple of the girls to the world of comics. I will make geeks of them yet!!! It was free comic day so we got a sticker each, you can't see the writing close enough but its says "I got a free comic today". For my part I did tell everyone who asked me about my sticker back at the Mayfest about how great Simons comic shop is. But then the worst thing happened, I managed to lose my brand new Thor comic and 2 free comics at the Mayfest. Conclusion - Beer and comic books is not a good combination. Lesson learnt. Do not buy comics when at a beer festivel!!!!

I also managed to scare Verns photographer friend I think. I have him linked on here as Hellbelly my fav photographer. Now that is because I really like his work. Not just the fantastic geeky shots of doctor who and stuff but the city shots and portrait ones he does are really good too. Anyway he was at Legacy and I said hi and was sort of trying to tell him that I liked his work but I think he heard, "stalker!!!!!" which wasn't my intention. Anyhoo check out his website as he does do great pictures.

I cruised along most of the afternoon at what I can only describe as the optimum drunken level. Not to drunk you do anything daft but just merry. Sampled 3 beers and several ciders and perrys. I've lost the programme - it was in the bag with the comics - sobs but one was called cunning stunt. I think that was my favourite one. Anyway we chatted and chilled and it was a good day. I think Louise had a good birthday. I bought her a badge!!!And she wore it all day. Good sport!
Heres a nice one of me and the binnsmeister. Complete with my "I got a free comic today" sticker.
The twins, louise and her friend Gemma complete with Jewish nose guy in the background, and Debbie and Jenny. ..

We enjoyed it so much we are already making plans for the Huddersfield October Fest. And I have the one in Newcastle in June when I go up and stay with Nicky and the Geordies.

Woke up this morning and no hangover. Even better! To be fair the curry probably helped and I did get to bed at a decent hour. Although, I didn't manage to get up for a jog. So todays plan, major tidy up as I am getting a bigger fish tank on monday and need to move stuff around to accomodate it. I think I will have room for some more fish too :0)  And potentially mum and dads for tea later.

Interestingly I have been checking the stats on here and to date my Thor review is the most viewed entry. In fact I traced back one of the sources of bringing people to my blog yesterday and someone has put my review up on a message board with a link to download it. Never expected that but wow I guess people must be liking what I write as 3 people had downloaded it. So I will have to keep reviewing TV and films. I just really wish more people would comment and follow me. Come on click the comments link!!!!! The comments are working now.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy birthday Hank and C25K Week 7

So in my earlier blog I mentioned I had stumbled across and subscribed to the vlogbrothers who are awesome. My first round of video subscriptions this week and its one of thems birthday. Hank I just want to say Ive only known about you guys for a week, want to be a nerdfighter - not sure how I go about it yet so am slowly combing through your 800 plus vids to work that one out, hence why there isn't a dollar for charity or a cool homemade card/knitted rocket/cute mini hank figurine from me although wow these nerdfighter people are amazing!!!

I hope this year a belated Happy Birthday  will be okay. As this blog is a new thing for 2011, you are only the 3rd person to get a birthday mention and the only person I don't actually know in real life! Now Im not clever with technology and I can't play guitar yet . . . . although I am considering learning inspired from your song videos. So I selected a rather cool youtube vid by someone called ffogfogg (cool name) for you.

Honestly whats cooler than a giant robot singing happy birthday and giving you a flower ehh! Also muchos congrats on beating portal two!

More awesome news in the running form. Week 1 day1 of couch to 5 k was nailed yesterday morning. And the most fantastic thing is I don't seem to be hurting as much now doing these longer runs and if it couldn't get any better I can now fit back into my incredibly comfy denium crop trousers and my legs are looking a lot more toned. All this exercise is now starting to pay off. Que I know what Im wearing to the beer festival today!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Couch to 5k Week 6 Day 3

Jogged for 25 full minutes. Yes Im still slow but I managed about a mile and a half non stop. Knees are killing now like. Just hope they recouperate ready for the next stab at doing 25 mins. People on facebook being very positive and encouraging. Esp. the couch to 5 k page. Big thanks to all them. Everytime I go on I keep trying to encourage people too.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thor review - Don't read if you haven't seen or are planning to see the movie

So if you don't know it already, this year is the year of the Avengers. For all of you like me not so up on superheroes bar Batman which I read about to try impress someone once, the Avengers are pretty much the Marvel version of the Justice League - so I am led to understand. As such a big movie is coming out next year including all the following superheroes:
  • Thor
  • Hawkeye
  • Iron man
  • Black Widow
  • Captain America
  • Nick Fury
  • The Hulk
  • Thors evil trickster brother Loki
Not sure if I have missed anyone there or not. But all this year as I understand it there are standalone movies for members of the Avengers. Thor being one that I viewed today. Now as mentioned earlier I did not intially go to see it because Im into superheroes. Oh no. I saw a trailer and being the gal that I am, thought bloody hell hes particually gorgeous I must see this movie. And I was rewarded with this:
Yum! Sorry guys I know if your still reading your shaking your head about now.

To the review. Thor tells the story of the Son of Odin, King of Asguard (another realm to you and me). The Asguardians have in the past saved humanity from these other beings called the Frost kings who tryed to invade Earth. This was back in viking times and they are the beings that we mistook as gods and became the legends we have today.

It kicks off with Thors dad showing kid Thor and his brother Loki the source of the frostkings power that he took off them and then flips to where they are grown up and Thor at this point in his life, arogant, rude and drunk on power, itching for war is about to be crowned the successor BUT an attack from the frostkings stops that. Thor insists he wants to go kill all of them so they can never threaten the kingdom again. His wiser father is against it so decides he's not ready to be king after all.

So Thor decides to take things into his own hands, convinces all his mates to go to the frostkings realm and kicks some butt. His father has to come rescue them, gets them home, gives them a royal good telling off and decides to banish his son to Earth to teach him a lesson. He strips him of his power - the hammer but send that through to Earth also enchanting it so he can have it back when hes learnt a lesson and is worthy again.

Queue Natalie Portman - a physics scientist person who runs Thor over. The Hammer follows and the US government go all secret agency x-files on it, build a base round it and confiscate all Natalies research into gateways/wormholes. Thor decides to break into the complex and after a good action scene where he kicks some butt and get rained on (again quite nice Chris Hemsworth all wet :0) - sorry guys!) Junior Odin discovers he cannot wield the hammer.

Meanwhile Thors brother Loki it seems has been rather naughty and jealous of Thor being the heir arranged the attack. He then discovers and it was a nice twist - that he is in fact a frostking. Daddy Odin rescued him as a baby back in the war and decided to bring him up as his own. Angry, hurt and particually stupid, his fathers health fails somewhat when they argue and Loki assumes the throne while Daddy Odin is healing up. He visits Earth and tells Thor that their father is dead and he can never come back as its a term of keeping the peace with the frostkings.

Natalie gets her friend to break Thor out of jail and they start to fall for each other - who wouldn't. Come on Chris Hemsworth is a smoking hottie. Good on you Natalie. Meanwhile Thors mates back on Asguard realise Loki is up to no good and leave to go rescue Thor. They reunite on Earth and pissed, Loki sends some weird large fire breathing robot thing to kill his brother once and for all. It looked like Loki was winning, he sent poor Thor flying and then stomped off intending to go back home again when Natalie pretty much professes her love for the norse god and suddenly Thor is worthy of his hammer again. It flys back in his hand, he gets his groove back and knocks the crap out of the robot.

The Asgaurdians then return back to sort Loki out. It climatise in a cool show down in which Thor has to break the bridge that allows travel effectively cutting off his way back to Natalie and Loki falling down to some presumable horrible fate but as I know hes in the avengers film - he's not dead lol. Natalie meanwhile is now heading up the US government research on portels and stuff and as Thor is also in the avengers film, que a nice reunion for both next year.

Likes: the asguard landscapes and Frostking realms was stunningly good. As previously mentioned Half naked beefed up Chris Hemsworth and generally the fact he got to kick ass. Story was fairly predicable bar the Loki twist which I enjoyed actually.

Niggles: If they had all that superior magic and tech on Asguard - why need a horse to get to the end of the bridge? Also Thor can fly. Thor also seemed to magically over night realise the error of his ways and suddenly become this decent honorable guy. Seemed to fast to me. He fell in love with Natalie pretty darn quick as well. Why did Thor not fly and rescue his brother at the end. He can fly yet was hanging there and had to be rescued by his dad.

C25K Week 6 Day 2

Much much much better. I mean Im still plodding at a snails pace but I'm plodding. Not sitting down and doing nought. Today I jogged 2 intervals of 10 mins. The first 10 mins was uncomfortable. I tryed to go abit faster I think and I could really feel my legs from the last session and thats on top of giving myself an extra day to recooperate.

The second jog I slowed my pace and it felt a lot lot lot better. I really must be a penguin runner. I felt so much better in fact that after Laura had talked and announced the cool down was over I did another couple of mins extra and jogged home. On some different surfaces - pavement and woodchip path. Still a slow pace but for the first time I jogged to my door. Anyway I don't know what I did wrong on thursday morning but my legs are feeling okay now.

The plan is to go see the film Thor this afternoon with Ames, so I will walk down to the cinema - nice 30 min walk. Yesterday I went to the white rose centre with mum and tryed on some summer dresses. Happy to announce I am fitting almost in normal high street shops size 20. Just having so issues round the chesticals area. Dam boobs. Why do you have to be so big!!!!!  Still have a long long long way to go weight wise but it made me happy that I could pick a size 20 dress up in BHS/Debenhams/Dorothy Perkins and get in it.

Im also feeling a lot more positive today now. I didn't manage to do anything with someone last night to take my mind off stuff, so was sat there getting miserable about that friend not giving a shit about me. Had a little cry and I wrote my first poem. Im not going to put it up on here as it was depressing but I guess I needed to get that emotion out.