Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fat girl slim update

I had a text from my mate Sahra last night asking me for my blog url and I felt guilty that I have not updated this in a while. So, especially if Sahra's going to be reading it, here we go.

I have been going to fat club for 3 weeks now. It will be my 3rd weigh in tommorow night. I started the plan a week before joining the club, which was stupid as I lost 4lb by myself before rejoining and then in class in the last 2 weeks I have only lost 5lbs. Still a total of 9lb in 3 weeks is pretty darn good.

I have been making myself walk on a lunch time at work. I have been going for at least an hours walk every sunday. I have noticed that I am no longer getting puffy walking up the big hill to Grans. My current jeans are starting to hang off me and I am sleeping better. All this is fantastic. On the downside my face has come out in spots. Typical that when I eat junk, my face is fine. Eat healthy and it breaks out. Good times!!!!

My friend Chelle is also doing the SW plan and shes lost a couple of stone. We have decided to take it in turns to cook for each other every thursday in an attempt to try new recipes and we are supporting each other. Thats nice. Also my sister is being very supportive, texting me well done and the people at work - the NVQ crowd are also on SW and Pam keeps asking me how things are and making suggestions.

Hopefully too I might make some new local friends from going to the class. Im not the most confident person meeting new people but I did make an effort and spoke to at least 2 while I was waiting for class to begin last week. I will have to try keep it up.

There are some fantastic people at my SW club who have lost lots of weight and are so positive. They have a closed club page on Facebook that I have joined and we are swopping encouragement and recipes. So all in all, so far my SW experience is proving to be a good one.

Sahra is running a marathon, so I would like to wish her the very best of luck with that. I would like to get back into running one day. She is possibly going to start her own running blog which I think is a really cool idea!

I started off fairly well last year but was so self conscious. So for me this time, I want to get some weight off and have another go. Last time I was still a size 22 and my knees hurt. This time I want to get down to a size 16/18 and try it again.

I have to keep telling myself that this is marathon not a sprint. Its not going to happen overnight, it will be a long slow constant process. I have managed to do it before, I can do this again.