Sunday, 8 September 2013

Starting to see some results

So since I got back from Germany I put on some pounds. Five and a half to be exact. I got two and half off last week. After what I have eaten Weds in York with my new chap and Sat taking Sophie out I will be happen to come in with a maintain this week. In fact I will probably be lucky too.

Anyway as we say in class, you draw a line under it and get back on the bus.

So this morning nice 20  mins rebounding in the bag already. I have to go up to grans in a bit so I think I will make myself walk a longer way round just to get that bit extra walking in. I did make myself walk from Waterloo to my brothers yesterday and I walked all the way home.

And I am starting to notice some results. 1 - I was not half as knackered going up Fleminghouse. 2 - This week I helped put one of the meeting rooms back together. Normally lugging 50 chairs round has me out of breathe but hardly this week. 3 - My mate Cheles given me some of her bigger clothes. I tried a black dress on last night and bust, hips and waist. I have bust, hips and waist woo hoo!

Just have to work on making my belly smaller now. Not sure how to target that. I hate sit ups but is it the only way to target it????

Anyway watched the Strictly opening show last night! Excellent line up this year. Two new male dancers. Hubba hubba hubba. Should be a good series :)