Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cyber bullying

So I was just sat here listening to the glee cast sing "I can't go for that/ you make my dreams come true," with my Lil Wil Plushie - I'm not kidding. Heres proof!

Also here's the youtube vid in case ya all fancy a listen - its awesome how Darren Criss still remains incredibly hot despite the tash and hair but I am digressing. And I have no idea why I would put Wil Wheaton together with a glee song but hey my mind cleary as awesome as it is works in mysterious ways .........

But I am digressing from the original point of my post. Cyber Bullying.

I want to tell you about recent events on one of my startrek simm games where I encountered a bit of an online bully. We wrote a rather disastrous JP (Geek speak that's a Joint post ..) and I was very uncomfortable with it. His character is always written very angry so I tried to have my character be more assertive. This was a mistake and it descended into .... well it was awful. The other chaps character was relentlous, insulting and just plain angry IC (Geek speak translation - In Character).

I had a minor freak out - I was that upset I actually pulled the plug on the JP and deleted it telling the other chap quite pathetically he was pretty mean. The thing with simming is you create something and its important to you. You get emotionally involved with your characters and in my case, mine was getting relentiously attacked.

He immediately fired me a PM (Geek speak - personal message) not happy about that at all so I went back and apologised for my rashness. We also had a little squabble about spelling and grammar. I had changed a couple of his really badly spelt words to read correctly. I stupidly hadn't figured out he was actually this horrible OOC (Geek speak - out of character or IRL - in real life). 

The next thing I know I got a PM back which was threatening and intimidating - he wanted personal information about me or refused to communicate. He then said he accepted my apology but ripped into me about the spelling thing again. Then when I PM'd him back how disrespectful it all was he went behind my back and started harassing another player on IM (Geek speak - instant messenger) for information on me.

Theres NO need for this sort of behaviour. So just a warning folks - there are bad angry people out there and if you meet one of them DO NOT take it. Our simm is a PG13. So teenagers can play. I cannot imagine how a 13 year old would have coped with this chap. I'm 32 and he upset me. Cyber bullying is just as real as proper bullying. And its something that needs nipping in the bud.

And nip it in the bud I did. I immediately had words with our CO (Geek speak - commanding officer i.e. the Captain of our simm) and the offending player has now been removed.

The hunger games

So we all know I am ALWAYS about a year behind everyone and as usual I was with these books. Last year I vowed to read more. For my birthday my lovely parents got me a kindle which I have been putting to good use on the bus rides to work and back.

I decided after Jac at work suggested I read them to give the hunger games a whirl. I am glad I did. So far I have read the first two books. I read the first over Xmas and to my mothers amusement could not put it down. I finished it in less than a day. If I am honest I don't think I have had a book I couldn't put down since my beloved potter series.

Anyway I got round to reading catching fire in the last couple of days and its just got better. The plot thickens with all the rebellion stuff. I have decided I am Team Peeta all the way. Discussion was made between myself and Jac on the whole Peeta /Gale issue and sorry I'm not feeling Gale at all. I know Liam Hemsworth is playing him in the films and yes he's dishy as hell but I dunno Peeta is winning out for me.

He's just been captured by the capital so I'm guessing something pretty horrible is about to follow. In fact I could see him being brainwashed or something. All through the two books I have read he's been head over heels for Katniss and shes been all "oh I have no idea how I feel " yadda yadda yadda. Does she love Gale? does she love Peeta? does she love no one?

I bet in book three the tables turn. She kissed him pretty passionately in the 2nd hunger games and said feelings were stirring. I bet in book three she realises actually I do love Peeta and then President Snow has brainwashed him into hating her or something. But they will end up together in the end. They have too!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Kitchen

So I went off line for a few months as I was paying for a new kitchen. Now that's almost complete. Its been a long or certainly felt like a long project and plenty went wrong. Lucky for me I have an amazing sister and brother in law to be who have helped me immensely and kept me motivated.

There is just a couple more jobs or so to do i.e touch up painting, put another cupboard on under the sink and a skirting board but its almost there and I love it so much. So much more space. It looks so much moderner. Eventually I play to put another unit in between the oven and wall, a wine rack in the space between the fridge and freezer and some new under cupboard lights but its all money and I have spent quite a bit already. Need to save up again!!!!

Here are some pics of my new baby!

I have also put in a pic of my ninja food processor I got for xmas which I love! I made a green smoothie in that bad boy and it was amazing.

Today I am proper cooking for the first time in ages for others. I am making the Hairy dieters tangle chicken and ham pie. Stupidly forgot to get creme fresh so I am having to substitute light philly. I am really hoping it will work out okay.

Anyway expect more blogging from now on. I will get back to reviewing some TV as I was enjoying doing that.

Peace out folks Xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Life in a Man-Suit: Instructions for Life -More words to live by!

This is my mate Gav's blog and he writes some good stuff. Enjoy!

Words to live by

Back soon

Just a quick note of explanation as to why blogging has ceased for a couple of months.

I had to move out of my flat as I am re-doing my kitchen. This has unfortunately taken longer than anticipated and as always several lovely problems have been thrown up over the course. We are now in the home stretch and I will be posting pics soon.

Also regular blogging will resume as soon as I am back home again and have my usual internet access.

Just a quick note to wish all a fab new year!