Sunday, 14 July 2013


The weather this week has been amazing. Summer finally landed in England. And boy did it land. Its as hot as places like Spain and Greece right now.

As a larger lady, the heat can be not so fun to navigate.

Lets be honest. We sweat. We all sweat. I was so hot and bothered coming home from town yesterday that it felt great to see a skinny person get off at his stop and be sweating out of his t-shirt.

But on the plus side, hot weather means I drink much more water and I don't seem to be as hungry.

This week was a cracking week at Fat club. I lost 3.5lb and I got slimmer of the week. It was a total shock actually. I had 3 meals out so was hoping to come in with at least half or a pound. But It seems making the right choices really helped.

Pizza hut last week, I have one of the under 500 cal pizza's and lots of good salad - cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers etc. Sunday - mum and I had a day in Meadow hell. We went to harvester. I had a grilled chicken breast, salad and a jacket potato. Then Tues we were out for my friend Helen's birthday so I chose steak, with peas and swapped the chips for new potatoes. I had no dessert.

I was satisfied and it paid off.

This weekend is going well. Yesterday I made magic pancakes with banana and strawberries. Delicious. I haven't had it for a couple of weeks so really enjoyed them. Lunch was a subway turkey salad bowl with light mayo. Delicious. And tea last night I had Yvonne and Debs round so made them SW KFC chicken and SW Chips. Which they loved! And I have 2 more pieces left to enjoy - 1 will be lunch today with salad and one for lunch at work tomorow with yes ... you have guessed it salad.

In a bid to mix things up a bit on the salad front I am going to make some couscous up, throw some raisens and stuff in. But different.

So its a total weight loss of 23 and half pounds since May. Today I managed to fix back in a pair of denuim shorts which 3 months ago I could not even get up my legs. Loving it.

Its 5 weeks until my Rhine Valley, Germany holiday. So I would love to see another 10lb off. Thats the plan - 2lb a week. If I'm lucky it will be more. If not I am completely on track!

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Today's word is BELIEVE

So its not been the best time for me at the moment. It seems my neighbors are all CRAZY. I have alcoholics, drunks and a whole bunch of shitty kids hanging around. I'm not sleeping well. And the one thing you find with lack of sleep is bloody hell things seem awful.

However after yet another night of coming home and finding the people who live under me high as a kite and convinced a rich man with a big wad of money and a white Mercedes is stalking them at 10.45pm and no sleep I have got up this morning and endured to be positive!!!

I am valuing the flat. So first things first - find out how much its worth and decide if I put it up for sale. Or if I look into renting it back to the council. Either way, I have to move. I always said this place was a stop gap anyway. But it would be nice to find away to pay mortgage off and keep it as a retirement fund. Lets throw it out to the universe and see what comes back! I put my trust in it and BELIEVE someone will want to buy it.

The diet is going very well. I have lost 20lbs now. Losing weight is not easy for me but I am dedicated this year as I will be a bridesmaid at Xmas. And next summer. So I put my trust in me and BELIEVE I can do it.

I recently rejoined the online dating world. My mate Louise is now living with her partner she met online and my friend Debbie is madly in love with someone she just met. Anyway I am trying e-harmony. Its a bit more complex and you have to pay but I figure anyone who is paying is serious. And serious is what I am looking for. So I have decided  to BELIEVE love is possible. After all my sister and one of my oldest friends is getting married this year!

So I leave with a quote:

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Christian D. Larson