Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Beanie conundrium

So about ten to five a couple of days ago this god of a man (doctor) ended up seeking me out at work. Sadly not for anything exciting, he handed me an ANTT assessment. Oh I have such a glamourous job but it got me thinking. He was wearing a beanie hat and I went weak at the knees.

Now this has been a source of discussion between myself and a few friends in the past. Sometimes a beanie hat on a man seems to add a layer of attractiveness. It did for the doctor and most certainly for the lead singer in Storm rock band.

But sadly after a whole two sets of rocking out to them one hot summers day, the moment he took that hat off suddenly the illusion was gone. Weird.

So moral of this blog post boys - if you want to look hotter, get yourself a beanie hat!

Evidently I am not the only one onto this knowledge:

Hummm ..... wonders if Josh Hutchinson or my man Wheaton has a beanie

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fairies in the Kitchen

So this is my friend Debs modelling some amazing fairy wings!

You may recognise my friend Debs from other such blog posts as:

Not only does she share my awesome namesake but she is one of my favorite people and what most people don't know about her is she makes the most AMAZING cupcakes!!!!! I present exhibits A - H!

So I feel its time the rest of the world was introduced to Fairies in the Kitchen. I can personally testify to the deliciousness of the sugary goodness you have just viewed.

Catch her here on twitter and her website.




Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back to blogger

So I have decided I am fed up of WordPress. Since creating a blog on there - okay its prettier than what I can figure out what to do with this one, but its keeps locking me out. Even though I am putting in the right passwords. My god its annoying. I have never had that problem here in years.

So back to blogger ...... Interestedly I watched half ton teen last night. My first ever blog on here was about that very subject. It almost feels fitting.

If you want to read it! Still my most popular blog to date.

I'm back on slimming world. My sister and best mate Binny both got engaged recently and now I get to be a bridesmaid twice! Awesome, except I'm a huge heffalump. So back to the diet. Its taken me a little while to get my head back but I think I am getting there now. And I don't know maybe its just from watching Billy again last night but if he can lose weight - then I can. And I'm not nearly in as much trouble as he was. Bless him. I really wonder where Billy is now. I hope he's happy.

I have also made some other goals for 2013 - try save a little money. And I have also made the decision some how I am going back to New York to see all the rest of the stuff I didn't see the first time round. And I want  to be thinner to do that. And there's Trek America that me and my friend Bex were looking at. Again I don't want to be a lard-ass doing that.

In fact I may be doing Canada as well as Yvonne seems to have settled on going there now. So really a lot of saving to be done. The Kitchens nearly paid off and the new PC should be cleared by June. Then I can really start saving - put everything I was whacking on my visa each month into my bank account.