Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Recovered . . . I think

So xmas is over for another year. I have to thank my sister and her partner Steve for inviting me over and cooking an amazingly yummy meal. I went out xmas eve and drank wine. I don't drink much these days but it went right to my head and then I couldn't sleep at mum and dads. So that messed up my sleep pattern but now 2 nights later I think I am back to normal again. Great to be back in my own bed again.

So santa was nice as always this year. Also very practical. I have paint - for my kitchen if I ever get the crap thats currently on the walls off. Just spent 2 hours fighting some of it and am knackered. Theres like 6 layers of paint on top of the paper cause who was in before me couldn't be bothered to remove anything. They just painted over it instead.

My sister also got me some other bits for the kitchen. My brother got me a digital photoframe. He says theres some pics already loaded on it but I have not had chance to plug it in and look at them yet.

Mum got me a speaking roland rat mug. Prize for the most unique gift this year Mother lol. Got some funky slippers and tarot cards. I will have to have some meditation sessions and have a go at those. I actually got to speak to mum and dad in oz on xmas day. I must admit I am missing them. Gran came for dinner with me and my sister. She was in a incredibly grumpy mood.

Then in the afternoon we went up to see my brother and clan. I tryed to teach Sophie the first 3 lessions in the how to play keyboard book I got her. Shes promised to practice every day this week - I said I would show her lesson 4 but I suspect she won't have looked at it since. Who knows!

I have watched alot of good tv over the last couple of days - Dirty Dancing, Doc Hollywood, Miracle on 34th Street. Two miniseries - Earthsea and the Sword of Xanten which suprisingly featured a pre-twilight & HP fame robert pattinson. Based on norse myths. Apparently it was really huge in germany. I liked it though.

Got home and wrote some more gangster story. This is what I have so far. Im would love some comments but as no one ever seems to comment . . .. . *sulks*. Please comment!!!!!!!

America in the 20’s. What an era. We had it all, bootleg liqueur, speakeasies, gangs, drugs, weapons and the broads. America was taking off; more specifically Chicago was taking off. And it was in Chicago that I made one of the stupidest mistakes I could make. I tried to rob Fat Francis “Frank” Galdofini.

You see I made the mistake of thinking he was just a small fry. When I passed through Chicago the Irish ruled. More specifically Gabriel Fitzgerald had control of that town. I should have done my homework. Fat Frank had just come back from a stint in Sing Sing. He was pissed and he was rebuilding the Italians territory back after Fitzgerald stitched him up.

So there you have it and there I was having my guts punched out of me

Fat Frank was the epitome of calm when he walked into the room his goons were holding me. That put the fear of god through me. An angry Italian who was quiet was far far more dangerous than one shouting the odds.

He took a seat, hauling his broad frame into the chair behind the desk. The chair creaked. At first he said nothing, just taking sips from a drink and watching the other two men throw punch after punch at me. It was only when a large amount of my blood dropped on his wooden floors that he nodded his head and suddenly I was forced down on my knees.

Then Fat Frank leaned forward. “Perhaps,” he said finally, “I should have them rompere i coglioni a qualcuno.” (Break someone’s testicles – will need jacs mate to do correct translation)

Now I knew enough Italian slang to know that was . . . . not nice and definitely not something I wanted to experience. I also knew enough about mobsters to know that if they made a threat they normally followed through. So despite the excruciating pain I was already in, I mentally prepared for the worst.

Strangely though it didn’t happen. The big man instead sipped his drink one more time before adding,

“Or perhaps I should arrange for you two minchione (fools) to be broken instead for letting him get past you,”

Now this was a turn up for the books.

“But boss, we got him,”

Finally I saw some of that Italian fire. He stood up and threw the drink at goon number 1. “But he almost got away with,” the man picked up the pile of notes I had come close to scoring, shook the pile wildly and then threw everything off the desk. “Everything in my safe.”

A long silence passed, the men holding me clearly as worried about their private regions as I was at that point.

“Pick that up, all up and get the “scientist.” I want that safe repaired, the money back in it and I want it sorted yesterday. Kapesh.”

“Yes boss,” both men said in unison dropping to their knees in front of me as the big man settled into his seat once more.

“Oh and I want that blood off my office floor,” he demanded.

“I should kill you,” Fat Frank stated after another long silence in which both goons were frantically picking up money. He seemed now as calm as he was when he walked in at the beginning. This time however, he pulled a piece out of his suit jacket. As if I needed the point to be put across any further.

I said nothing. I was just as stubborn as I was stupid. And if this was where I was going out, I wasn’t begging for my life.

“However,” he placed the gun on the desk. “I could use a man with you’re . . . . “Talents”. So instead, I am going to give you the opportunity to “work” for me.”

Regardless to say, I didn’t need to think twice about what the answer to that one was.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Alas no heroquest again

So last night was supposed to be a games night. It didn't quite pan out that way. My mate was upset so it got cancelled and we went out to dinner instead to cheer her up. Even bought cheesecake. I have a wad of blueberry cheesecake in my fridge now that needs eating. Which is not good for me as I will eat it. So I am considering giving it to Inny my neighbour. She took some parcels in for me the other day, so I need to go round for those anyway.

Yesterday my sister and I took gran shopping. Never ever do that with a 91 year old 3 days before xmas. It was mental. I thought I was going to pass out at one point. Never good. Then we went and got a turkey. I have been saving my nectar points all year for that turkey. £17 it was. I had £15 of nectar points. So all in all not bad. A turkey for £2.00. I hung out with my sis at hers for an hour and we went up to see my brother and co.

So I got more cuddles with Ellie. I was even braver and manourved her up to my shoulder and in thanks the little darling headbutted me LOL. She may be small but shes powerful hehe

I watched the made in chelsea xmas special last night and "SPAGGIE" finally. About bloody time. Just wish Hugo and Millie could make it up now. I liked those two together. I also, and I never thought I would say this, but I also didn't find Francis as irriating last night. I think he endeared himself to me the fact he can't sing!

Im really loving this van morrison song at the moment

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Returning back to writing

So yes I have been terrible lately. I think ongoing writers block and just down right being knackered all the time has combined in my poor blog just sitting here. Well I just broke up from work for xmas so I have no excuse now. Also Jacs at work has encouraged me to think about starting to write properly. I did look for a creative writing course but no joy. Kirklees used to do one but not anymore.

There are some online courses but your talking £150. So instead I have treated myself to a couple of half price books on amazon. The "home study" creative writing course lol and the plan is I am going to work through the exercises in there and Jac read them for me as shes done an english degree. We are also talking about writing a novel together. It may just be one of our, we can do this to get rich and finally go to NYC and see Michael Buble plans or it could be something.

The ideas we came up with so far have merit. I won't ruin ought by telling all on here as it could just be a blip. However you will surprised to see whats coming out so far is a gangster story not as most people would guess from me a science fiction one.

Piano has been bad too. Its like all I have had the energy for lately is work. And yes thats paid off. I have just had my PDR and everything was good and positive but I need to work on me now. Get some weight off - I have been bordom eating which I need to nix, I need to practice piano as I was getting somewhere then I stopped and you start to forget and I need to be creative. So there are my new years resolutions right there.

Oh right I forgot, finish the kitchen. I started stripping the walls and haven't done any more. So thats another goal, as my sister has bought me new paint for xmas and my dads got me 3 shelves. Which I can't put up until I paint it . . .  God I hate DIY but it will look better once its done.

My gorgeous niece is now 6 weeks old and I am getting braver at holding her. I changed my first nappy last week. Ellie is starting to fill out and get bigger now. Its so amazing to see it. I mean shes starting to see further and see colours. I am really looking forward to spending her first christmas with her. Although it will be strange without mum and dad. They are visiting my aunt in oz this year. We haven't heard anything, so I hope they got to HK safely.

Anyway I promise more posts now.

Peace out and holidays love

Debs x