Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 2

Well I don't think I am doing too bad. Certainly feeling okay about stuff. Jeans seem looser but not sure if that wishful thinking ...

Breakfast - 2 hifi bars and some melon and grapes

Lunch - was a tricky one as me and my sis took gran to morrisons and she likes to have her lunch out. I couldn't face a baked potato which would have been the genuis option. So I plumped for a healthier breakfast. Bacon (done in  the oven so the women on the till informed me. I took all the fat off), scrambled eggs, baked beans and wholemeal toast - syned up with some flora. 10syns. I suppose not a very cheap lunch synwise but ... I'm on for syn free for tea. That in mind not too bad. I didn't eat all my syns yest so nicely carrying some over for whatever mum cooks for tea tomorrow which will no doubt NOT be SW complaint.

Tea - have slow roasted my gammon joint in pepsi max. Just pulled it all to pieces and removed any further fat I could find. Going to cook some veggies now - carrots, broccoli, sugersnaps and green beans. Yum. And I have a tropical fruit platter in the fridge. Going  to have some of them for pudding. 

Forgot to post my pics to twitter today so my mates been telling me off for the lack of superfoods. Hopefully tea's okay....

Drinks - 2 cups of tea with milk from allowance, diet lemonade and I had a bottle of water at the supermarket.

Exercise - pushed Gran round Morrison's for an hour and a bit and a quick walk around town this morning.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Slimming world

So I got my big fat arse back to Slimming world tonight and joined the Thursday night class after work. It was a major shock to the system. I thought I had managed to lose about a stone myself at home but m scales must be wrong. They don't match Sue's at class. So my number was a lot higher than I thought.

But as my mate Chele and the lady doing the weighing says, I will not see that number again. I sincerely hope so.

It dawns on me that the only way I can make this work is to plan, plan, plan. I need to start cooking properly. Make a meal plan each week and stick too it. So I have been scouring over some recipes and this is what I am going to try this week:

Tomorrows plan is:

Breakfast - Cheerio's at work. Weighed out. Skim milk (Blurgh but a necessity) and a banana
Lunch - Sliced ham, 2 slices 400 g bread made into a sandwich. Ideally some salad would be nice too. If I have time in the morning before work I'll grab some.
Tea - SW chips with my fav nando's chip salt, and baked beans or mushy pea's
Snacks - Strawberries and oranges, lots of water

I will have to syn up the cereal and use the bread as my healthy extra. Also syn up some butter as, as hard as I try I can never give that up. I'll buy some weetabix so I have better cereal for work but at the moment I have a box of Cheerios needs eating up.

Tomorrow is my supermarket shop day so I have written a list. I plan to attempt SW Katsu curry and rice and make some SW chilli this week so I can freeze some portions. I also have a gammon joint which I think I will throw in the slow-cooker on Saturday with some pepsi max and have that with lots of veg.

As I said on Twitter #notbeafatbridesmaid

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Don't want to be a fat bridesmaid ...

So I get to be a bridesmaid not once but twice in the next 16 months. As such I am going to rejoin fat club this Thursday. And also plastered the below little ditty around my desk  at work and at home too.

Thats the thinnest Ive ever been ..... LOL okay a little fat girl humour there. No seriously my head looks like a lollipop.

Anyway I am going to try post more. Today I even managed to get my fat arse moving and did 15 mins on my mini stepper and some weights. Go me!