Friday, 17 May 2013

Sore muscles

So I did a lot of exercise last week. I walked for about 6 miles according to runkeeper and I  took my gran into town. Grans in a wheelchair so I pushed her around a lot. As a result I am quite sore this week.

The scales at fat club said 1lb loss. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for 2 at least. Keep me on track for my sisters wedding. In group though I found out something interesting that's made me feel better about things.

Apparently when your muscles are sore they are repairing. Because Im not used to that amount of exercise, my body is currently panicking and in order to protect itself and repair it retains water.

Above is the science .....

So I may well have lost more its just not showing on the scales. The good news is it should calm down again and the water release. So I can keep exercising but not do as much and gradually build it up. I did go into walking overload last week and  I think  the 2 days of taking gran to hospital appointments pushed my body over the top. You don't realise how hard you are working pushing a wheelchair.

Anyway I have one meal out this week - meeting my geordies in York tomorrow. Haven't seen them in so long!!! Can't wait. Then Im hosting my annual eurovision party. Going to really have to try to be good. Im making SW mousaka. So I can fill up on that and avoid alcohol. Fingers crossed!!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Week 2

So another 2.5lbs off this week, taking me to a total of 9lbs in 2 weeks. I got my first bit of bling this week, a shiny half a lb sticker on my book!

This week I tried the following recipes. Pulled pork, as already discussed in the last blog post, mexican bean soup. I bulked mine out with chicken and ate it as a stew rather than blitz it into a proper soup. And I made cowboy pie. Not 100% sold on that but I think I didn't like the cheese and onion flavoured smash.

Today I had magic pancakes. Which were delicious.

I now have some syn free red pepper soup cooking in my slow cooker. I found the recipe on a you tube video. Not sure how it will turn out but we'll see. You have to try these things. I will definitely blitz this and portion it up. Its freezable so I could freeze some. The plan is to have it for lunches next week.

Tonight the plan was to try the KFC chicken but as I couldn't find any chicken borvill anywhere, it will just be chicken (skin off) and SW chips. I have gammon and veg for monday and tues. And I bought some chicken breasts which I intend to try the chicken breast pizza's out.

I also downloaded the Iphone runkeeper app. I went for a walk down to Lidl this morning thinking I could get cheaper red peppers. I couldn't lol they were still 80p each like sainsburies but anyway. I forced myself to walk up the hill via grans and round. Logged it on runkeeper, 2.4 miles. And according to that with my weight I burnt 400 calories.  Awesome!!!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

SW Pulled pork

OMG Amazing ....

So I got up and cooked. Put the pork in and then made the mexican bean soup. Bulked it out with some chicken breast. All nicely portioned up for next couple of days lunches at work. All syn free.

In on plan today but I have eaten some syns. I had a hi-fi bar, chocolate weetabix and decided to have the pulled pork in a sandwich for tea rather than with veg. I had a massive salad for lunch so I have got plenty of superfree foods in me today.

So 2 slices of 400g wholemeal bread - syned. Just had a pudding of fresh pineapple and Muller light. So I have come in on 11 syns today. Which is okay. I get 15.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Slimming world week 1

Well it went really well. With the exception of Monday where I could have quite happily gnawed my own arm off in hunger, the hunger itself hasn't been too bad. I can happily say that works been nice and busy so thats probably taken my mind away from it and I have been drinking masses of water.

The scales showed a nice loss of 6 and a half pounds this week. I was very happy with that. Would have been better if it had been 7lbs as I would have got my first bit of bling! Oh well, I will definitely get it this week!!!

I had a bad day friday in which me and my sister and mum went to meadowhell. I ended up eating out twice. Chargrilled chicken salad in a pita with chips for lunch. I ate all the chips! And for tea I tried to be better. Gammon, with fresh pineapple, peas and new potatoes. But for some reason I was hungrey I ended  up sneaking an egg sandwich and 3 hifi bars when I got home. Thats not good!!!!

Anyway I walked to town yesterday and I had no syns. So hopefully with a nice syn free day and some body magic I'll combat some of it and be back on track.

I have done my meal plan for this week. I will be attempting slimming world pulled pork tomorow. So that's tea Monday and Tuesday. Grans on wednesday then I planned to try slimming world cowboy pie thurs and friday. But so far I have not managed to find any cheese and onion smash. So it may end up being SW cowboy cottage pie lol.

I also have a soup I want to have a go at for lunches. But all in all. Going well. Jeans are loose. Work trousers - I think I will be in the next size down soon. Also my face has cleared up alot. Could be the fresh fruit, veg and water or could be the steroids I'm having to take for a week for a sinus infection. Or both? Either way its nice though not to have spots !!!