Saturday, 25 June 2011

Green lantern review

So in geordieland we viewed Ryan Renyolds latest offering. As previously mentioned in other blogs my knowledge of superhero's hasn't really progressed from Batman and Superman that much and most of that was only researched to try impress someone a while ago. I have a vague understanding of some of the Xmen and think I may have watched the cartoon when younger but the superhero's that are coming out this year ready for the big movie in 2012 are all new too me.

So I liked Thor. Really liked Thor. Probably more so for his yummy muscular offerings but I did enjoy the story. It was pretty much the same with the Green Lantern. I liked Ryan Reynolds or should I say Hal Jordan. Very much so. Probably a lot of that was Mr Reynolds delicious body. And to whoever it was who clicked No to my poll on is Ryan Reynolds a sexy beast - WHAT??????????

Anyhoo onwards with the review - and so Ian won't yell at me




Hal Jordan starts off a cocky womanising pilot. He is part of a test exercise against some missiles in which he pulls a pretty dumb stunt going to far up in the atmosphere it knocks out the instruments of his plane (he still beats the missiles like) but nearly kills himself reuniting everything falling back down as he has a tramatic flashback to when his dad died. He gets fired. Even the girl he grew up with, flys with and truelly loves cannot help him out and he in true man style can't open up and talk to her.

Meanwhile out in deep space there are tons of alien races and there exists something called the green lantern corps who have harnessed the energy of will (which is green - yeah hence the name lol). They are the peacekeepers of the galaxy. A group of immortals put them together and keep an eye on things. The Green lantern charged with looking after Earth and everyone else in that sector engages a newly freed big bad called Parallax who seems to me as a big grumpy evil floating head who eats peoples souls and grows bigger powered by the power of fear! Which incidently is yellow. Anyway this green lantern gets mortally wounded and has to jetison and escape to Earth where he crash lands and the ring chooses Hal Jordan to be its successor.

Hal is magically transported via the ring through space to the Lanterns main base in which he encounters alien species, is pretty much insulted for being a weak human and endures some rather funny training and then gets narked and quits. The Alien had been infected by a parasite and the authorities find the body do tests and this scientist who also knew Hal and the lass growing up gets infected. He also wants to bang Hals love.

Meanwhile on the Lantern planet they decide that the only way to fight parallax is to use fear itself which is pretty stupid as it was one person not being able to control that power that created the bad guy in the first place.

Hal returns and has to use his superpowers at a fancy event. The scientist starts channeling Parallax and it becomes clear the super bad is going to destroy earth and uses him for that making him mighty ugly on top. Hal encouraged by his gal and his mate who knows his now secret or not so secret identity goes back to the lanterns asking for their help. He tells them that the fear ring will not defeat him.

Hal goes off on his own and promptly kicks Parallax's arse, the other lanterns turning up right at the end to ensure he doesn't float into the sun. Typical alien timing, arrive after the big battle. And then all the other lanterns respect him despite being a human. Oh and he gets the girl!

Pros - Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds half naked in places. Okayish storyline. Could have been better. Good that it goes into the history of the Lanterns planet and Parallax.

Cons - Not enough time Hal being trained. I really enjoyed the brief time with the aliens tormenting him and trying to train him. He quit way to easily. Also he found his courage way to easily as well being kissed by his love . . . . . . Blagh!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Camelot Ep 2 review

As I was in Newcastle saturday I missed this. All I can say is virgin TV on demand is brilliant. I fired it up last night once I got in from the glamourous chore of food shopping. After the major kick off in the 2 hour premiere this weeks didn't feel like it moved very fast.

Just in case Ian is reading ...................................................

SPOILERS .......................................................................



So it kicks off with Gwenivere 3 days from her wedding to the Lancerlot equivalent. Her fathers estate gets attacked and she is rushed to Camelot and given quarters there much to Merlins distain as he's sussed out Arthur is nuts about her and she was the one in his dream. So Merlin suggests the wedding be held there as it will be a lovely beacon of hope for all the people. Arthur naturally isn't that keen.

Morgan meanwhile at castle Uther, assumes a new servant with freaky markings on her face and instructs her to vett the staff and employ more women. She discovers Uthers prior torture room and makes it into her own freaky deaky witchcraft room. She invited Arthur to come visit and puts on a feast under the pretence that she wants to get to know her brother properly. She actually needs to get some blood off him and ties up Merlin.

Theres a bit of a psuedo love thing going on, clearly she admires and has some feelings for Merlin telling a story of when she was a kid she wanted to marry him. Probably now so she admires him for the witchcraft. Anyhoo Merlin keeps telling her the price for the magic is too high and she continues to ignore him.

Arthur meanwhile has another sex dream about him and Gwen, gets up sees Morgan drugging Merlin but thinks they are getting it on, and he leaves. He returns to Camelot and asks Gwen to meet him. She does, he pleas that she not marry her fiance. She refuses, they have sex anyway and then she makes it clear its a one time thing, they can't do that to Lancerlot. So she sneakily fills up a wine thing with rabbit blood.

Merlin escapes Morgan sans magic and leaves. Upon returning they host the wedding. Arthurs not overly happy, but Gwen goes ahead. Theres a haunting song and then a post coital bit in which Gwen puts some pigs blood on the bed to make it look like she was a virgin.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Newcastle trip

If any song can sum up this amazing weekend it has to be . . . .

First up right off the bat, it has to be noted to the whole world that one Miss Barratt is looking incredibly foxy. Mr Chaney you are one lucky guy! Nic - I now hold you in role model status in hopes that I get my fat ass back in gear on the getting in shape front.

As always I would like to thank my favourite 3 geordies for a really fantastic time and for sticking with me despite the fact I was a sniffy mess for most of the weekend. 

Any geordie weekend involves an ample amount of drinking, and this one kicked off with a large beer festival. I have to say I am rather impressed that I have now made two of these in a year. The main differences with this one was there was a seriously bigger amount of choice in the beer/cider front - excellent, live bands - oh yeah the halifax one was really lacking on that front! and there were no grumpy bearded yorkshire men telling me off for not adhereing to the correct beer ordering protocol. In fact there was nice geordie men, helpful geordie men as far as the eye could see. And there was Laura who is a LEGEND!!!!!
I now have my beer festival glass and programme souvinier happily displayed in Casa Rooni!
Some shopping was got in and then in full comeradeship with Jo, a viewing of the rather deletiable Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern was had. Naturally a through analysis and drooling session of Mr Reynolds had to follow. And some sexy pics featured on here - what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't satifsify that aspect??????

Now I did try to find the one discussed with Jo in the proposal movie but failed miserably so this is for you girl. The next best thing!
Might I add HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA . . .. . . . . and I will post a review of the film.

Now you may recall my epic fail on the friend front a few blogs back in which I managed to be late wishing Nic a happy 30th. I naturally had to make amends to that this weekend so Nic and I became proper ladies. We went to the Hilton hotel and had an afternoon tea with Champayne. Because lets face it - we are ladies! and Nic deserved to be throughly spoilt.

Now as I know Becks will kill me without a proper low down on any kind of Cakeage here goes:
What we have here is Egg, Ham & Mustard crustless finger sarnies, Mini custard slices, mini Bannofee tarts and mini summer fruit tarts, fresh baked scones, strawberry preserves and clotted cream. I give the Hilton a 10/10 for presentation, 8/10 on taste (Sorry Im not really a mustard fan and I had to deduct 1 point for the summerfruits lol berries are not me) and 10/10 for service. I felt we were very well looked after.

The vanilla slices were yummy and the custard not too gloopy as you tend to get it from certain bakers around the hospital. The Banoffee tarts were scrumchous and the topping tasted almost marshmallowly which worked really well with the dulce de leche. And the scones were perfectly fluffy. All in all I would recommend afternoon tea here. Oh and one more thing . . . .
Cheers Darling!!!

The weekend culminated with a trip to Wickham. No geordie trip is complete without a trip to Wickham and this years was extra special as in all the time I have been visiting I have never once managed to view the infamous Corpse. This year I did. I still don't get the attraction but each to their own! I did however get to meet Mr Chaney, Nic's fella. Who was utterly charming, passed level 1 of the debs friends bloke test and managed his role as Hugh Hefner escorting 3 geordies and 1 yorkshire lass around Wickam with considerable ease.

Now what I didn't learn until yesterday is Michael is actually a musician, in fact quite a good one. Any of you who read regually know I don't tend to follow/talk about a lot of people and even less so on the musician front but you do all need to check him out especially the song Brainy girl which is very good

Oh and I have saved the best for last. My geordies gifted me with one of the greatest things known to mankind. I now own a "don't hassle the Hoff" t-shirt!"Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muchous love and hugs and see you real soon for Halloween!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My new secret guilty pleasure - Made in Chelsea

I am now six episodes in to this and although I know its scripted and scripted pretty badly I still love it. Bex at work thinks its quite weird that it would be my thing. I'm actually surprised that its my thing. I mean I never watched "The only way is Essex."

Anyway so far my favourite character has to be Ollie. Not cause I fancy him, but because he is kind of a sweetheart. These are the boys, Ollie is in the union jack clothing.
The chap in the middle is Fredrik, apparently a supermodel. He doesn't float my boat apart from his piano playing skills abilities. I suppose theres only room in my heart for one Icelandic hunk and thats True Bloods Eric.

Next to him on the left is Spencer who reminds me so much of Mr Morrisons in his ability to completely f£$^ up communication and come out of a situation worse pretty much every week then when he goes in it. In eps 1-6 we have been treated to this god awful love triangle between him, his girlfriend or ex now Funda and Caggie. And I am bored of that now!

To Freds right is Francis who I can't stand. He's really pompous. I know they are all supposed to be pompous being it a show about upper class in Chelsea daaaaaarling but he really gets on my tits. Firstly he seems to think he's gods gift to women and can manipulate them via subconscious suggestions or at least thats what I took away from one of the eps. Perhaps I misunderstood it wrong getting confused with the suggestions????? Watching him try to impress women in this show is just laughable. Secondly he's a prat. I mean who skateboards into a restuarent holding a rose in their mouth for a date and then falls off it. And if that wasn't his idea, who allows themselves to be filmed on tv skateboarding and falling off it in a restuarent??????? And last night both him and Frek both deciding to date his assistant. LOL I wonder how thats going to end? Hopefully she will have the sense to run off with the other bloke who invited her to Cann.

Hugo on the far right I am warming more and more too. He seems to be the one with the most common sense, bar the whole rosie/millie blip last week. Although I love the idea of him and millie and Im glad that came off last night as Im sorry but we all knew Caggie wasn't going to let Spencer sweep her off her feet last night.

So the girls:
At the back, Cheska and Binky (I kid you not. Someone nicknamed their daughter Binky) who are slightly annoying but you love to hate them as they are kinda of Ollies "and this is his own words" Witches. It works brillaintly and them taking photo's of him posing with carrots this week was pure genius!

Amber is in the pink skirted dress, not quite made my mind up about her yet. Rosie is next to her, and sorry lass but that whole hugo thing, what was the point???????? You fussed and huffed and got narked that Millie had him, Hugo came running to you and confessed he loved you and you threw him away like a dogs dinner. Mental!

In the middle - Caggie. Who is stunningly pretty, you get why Spencers mad for her but again what are you playing at? She does sing nice though and hopefully doing this may be a platform for her there.

Gabs is next. Ollies ex as he dumped her cause hes Bi-sexual. NO ONE saw that coming hehe. But I think shes lovely. She sings too. You can tell she geniuenly cares for Ollie. Probably the most truest on the show. I hope theres a nice happy ending for her. No Gabs last night so next weeks might be Gabs heavy. Who knows. I get the feeling she and Ollie aren't through though despite his detour in to man love.

And Millie at the front. I am liking her more and more I think. She had the guts to admit to Rosie something happened with Hugo and is going for it now. Good lass.

So yeah my new guilty pleasure - Made in Chelsea!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Camelot ep 1 review

Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Gotta get that in as I keep getting told off at work for putting anything giving anything away on facebook.


Okay presuming its safe now . . . . Camelot is a new 10 part reimaged telling of the King Arther stories on channel 4. Now I was a little wary knowing how much I actually love the BBC's Merlin but I watched the 2 hour preview and I have to say I loved it. Its a tad more adult - ok tad is the wrong word. Its very adult. It was almost at True Blood level if I am honest.

Differences to previous stories, Morgan le Fey is actually the legitimate daughter and Arther is the illegitmate son. Merlin took Arther as payment for changing Uther to look like the Duke of Cornwall and seduce his wife. Thats the same legends Im familiar with. Anyhoo, Morgan turns up after 17 years in a nunnery (NICE - you can understand somewhat why shes pissed!) and murders her father. She assumes the thrown.

Meanwhile Merlin gets the King before he dies to sign a document claiming parentage to Arther, goes and gets him from the foster family he left he with 20 years ago - Sir Hector. They journey back to an old ruined castle which they will make a new, better future for England. Yes you have guessed it - Camelot. All of Uthers knights followed Merlin so they are all there waiting.

Morgan meanwhile trys to have an alliance with a rather nasty prince Mott. That doesn't work out and we discover shes up to some pretty dark magic. Merlins on to that and warns her away. All through the two hours shes talking to something in the dark you can't see. At the end you do and its a wolf.

Arther meanwhile has to retrieve the sword in the stone, which in this imagining is actually in a waterfall. That was pretty cool. He pulls it out and falls in the pool below. Is rescued by the version of Lancelot whos name has been changed slightly. Both Arther and Merlin have a dream about Arther making sweet love with a blond on a beach who Arther later mets and you have guessed it - its Gwenivere. Nice twist later as she turns out to be the betroved of Lancelot - so off bounds to the now King. Hehe is that going to stop him??????

So yes it was pretty good, actors were very convincing. Ralph Fienes as Merlin was a stroke of genius. I like his portrayal so far. And will certainly tune in next week!

In other news I think I am starting to get to grips with some of the technics of music again. Its strange, I am working through this Alfred book and I know all this stuff from years back from my violin lessons but I can't quite remember it. So I am re-learning everything.

Also I now have another adopted goldfish - Bob.My boss gave me her old fish tank which is about 3 times bigger than my last one. All 3 fish seem to be settling in nicely!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sometimes all you need . . . .

is to get back into a more positive mindset.

Like the last few weeks. Ive been a bit down. I lost my mojo. Allowed myself to get knocked off my game. Just had my second hypnotherapy class with Grant Saunders. Hopefully it will kick in. I certainly feel like something has shifted anyway.