Monday, 23 December 2013

For Yvonne

So I know I have been terrible and not updated this in forever. One of my new years resolutions will be to get back into writing this blog. But for now ... some pics for one of my dearest friends who has emigrated. From her leaving do.

Yvonne - we miss you!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Starting to see some results

So since I got back from Germany I put on some pounds. Five and a half to be exact. I got two and half off last week. After what I have eaten Weds in York with my new chap and Sat taking Sophie out I will be happen to come in with a maintain this week. In fact I will probably be lucky too.

Anyway as we say in class, you draw a line under it and get back on the bus.

So this morning nice 20  mins rebounding in the bag already. I have to go up to grans in a bit so I think I will make myself walk a longer way round just to get that bit extra walking in. I did make myself walk from Waterloo to my brothers yesterday and I walked all the way home.

And I am starting to notice some results. 1 - I was not half as knackered going up Fleminghouse. 2 - This week I helped put one of the meeting rooms back together. Normally lugging 50 chairs round has me out of breathe but hardly this week. 3 - My mate Cheles given me some of her bigger clothes. I tried a black dress on last night and bust, hips and waist. I have bust, hips and waist woo hoo!

Just have to work on making my belly smaller now. Not sure how to target that. I hate sit ups but is it the only way to target it????

Anyway watched the Strictly opening show last night! Excellent line up this year. Two new male dancers. Hubba hubba hubba. Should be a good series :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Two stone down

So the diet is going extremely well. In fact the positive thinking is going incredibly well. So far I have lost 2 stone, I have a holiday to Germany in 2 weeks with my sister and mum. And I have started seeing a really nice chap. Amazingly those three were the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year - lose some weight, have a holiday and meet a really nice man. Wooo!

Today my new re-bounder arrived. I have been wanting to get one for a while. Ever since my mate Nicky in Newcastle told me about them. She has one and she's lost tons of weight. So I found one that could take my weight and I have just had my first rebounding session. And boy was it fun. I just put some music on and bounced and ran on it.

With all the walking I have been doing I had started to tone up but now I can focus further, every day and indoors. So when its raining and miserable I have no excuse for some body magic!

Sunday, 14 July 2013


The weather this week has been amazing. Summer finally landed in England. And boy did it land. Its as hot as places like Spain and Greece right now.

As a larger lady, the heat can be not so fun to navigate.

Lets be honest. We sweat. We all sweat. I was so hot and bothered coming home from town yesterday that it felt great to see a skinny person get off at his stop and be sweating out of his t-shirt.

But on the plus side, hot weather means I drink much more water and I don't seem to be as hungry.

This week was a cracking week at Fat club. I lost 3.5lb and I got slimmer of the week. It was a total shock actually. I had 3 meals out so was hoping to come in with at least half or a pound. But It seems making the right choices really helped.

Pizza hut last week, I have one of the under 500 cal pizza's and lots of good salad - cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers etc. Sunday - mum and I had a day in Meadow hell. We went to harvester. I had a grilled chicken breast, salad and a jacket potato. Then Tues we were out for my friend Helen's birthday so I chose steak, with peas and swapped the chips for new potatoes. I had no dessert.

I was satisfied and it paid off.

This weekend is going well. Yesterday I made magic pancakes with banana and strawberries. Delicious. I haven't had it for a couple of weeks so really enjoyed them. Lunch was a subway turkey salad bowl with light mayo. Delicious. And tea last night I had Yvonne and Debs round so made them SW KFC chicken and SW Chips. Which they loved! And I have 2 more pieces left to enjoy - 1 will be lunch today with salad and one for lunch at work tomorow with yes ... you have guessed it salad.

In a bid to mix things up a bit on the salad front I am going to make some couscous up, throw some raisens and stuff in. But different.

So its a total weight loss of 23 and half pounds since May. Today I managed to fix back in a pair of denuim shorts which 3 months ago I could not even get up my legs. Loving it.

Its 5 weeks until my Rhine Valley, Germany holiday. So I would love to see another 10lb off. Thats the plan - 2lb a week. If I'm lucky it will be more. If not I am completely on track!

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Today's word is BELIEVE

So its not been the best time for me at the moment. It seems my neighbors are all CRAZY. I have alcoholics, drunks and a whole bunch of shitty kids hanging around. I'm not sleeping well. And the one thing you find with lack of sleep is bloody hell things seem awful.

However after yet another night of coming home and finding the people who live under me high as a kite and convinced a rich man with a big wad of money and a white Mercedes is stalking them at 10.45pm and no sleep I have got up this morning and endured to be positive!!!

I am valuing the flat. So first things first - find out how much its worth and decide if I put it up for sale. Or if I look into renting it back to the council. Either way, I have to move. I always said this place was a stop gap anyway. But it would be nice to find away to pay mortgage off and keep it as a retirement fund. Lets throw it out to the universe and see what comes back! I put my trust in it and BELIEVE someone will want to buy it.

The diet is going very well. I have lost 20lbs now. Losing weight is not easy for me but I am dedicated this year as I will be a bridesmaid at Xmas. And next summer. So I put my trust in me and BELIEVE I can do it.

I recently rejoined the online dating world. My mate Louise is now living with her partner she met online and my friend Debbie is madly in love with someone she just met. Anyway I am trying e-harmony. Its a bit more complex and you have to pay but I figure anyone who is paying is serious. And serious is what I am looking for. So I have decided  to BELIEVE love is possible. After all my sister and one of my oldest friends is getting married this year!

So I leave with a quote:

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Christian D. Larson

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sore muscles

So I did a lot of exercise last week. I walked for about 6 miles according to runkeeper and I  took my gran into town. Grans in a wheelchair so I pushed her around a lot. As a result I am quite sore this week.

The scales at fat club said 1lb loss. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for 2 at least. Keep me on track for my sisters wedding. In group though I found out something interesting that's made me feel better about things.

Apparently when your muscles are sore they are repairing. Because Im not used to that amount of exercise, my body is currently panicking and in order to protect itself and repair it retains water.

Above is the science .....

So I may well have lost more its just not showing on the scales. The good news is it should calm down again and the water release. So I can keep exercising but not do as much and gradually build it up. I did go into walking overload last week and  I think  the 2 days of taking gran to hospital appointments pushed my body over the top. You don't realise how hard you are working pushing a wheelchair.

Anyway I have one meal out this week - meeting my geordies in York tomorrow. Haven't seen them in so long!!! Can't wait. Then Im hosting my annual eurovision party. Going to really have to try to be good. Im making SW mousaka. So I can fill up on that and avoid alcohol. Fingers crossed!!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Week 2

So another 2.5lbs off this week, taking me to a total of 9lbs in 2 weeks. I got my first bit of bling this week, a shiny half a lb sticker on my book!

This week I tried the following recipes. Pulled pork, as already discussed in the last blog post, mexican bean soup. I bulked mine out with chicken and ate it as a stew rather than blitz it into a proper soup. And I made cowboy pie. Not 100% sold on that but I think I didn't like the cheese and onion flavoured smash.

Today I had magic pancakes. Which were delicious.

I now have some syn free red pepper soup cooking in my slow cooker. I found the recipe on a you tube video. Not sure how it will turn out but we'll see. You have to try these things. I will definitely blitz this and portion it up. Its freezable so I could freeze some. The plan is to have it for lunches next week.

Tonight the plan was to try the KFC chicken but as I couldn't find any chicken borvill anywhere, it will just be chicken (skin off) and SW chips. I have gammon and veg for monday and tues. And I bought some chicken breasts which I intend to try the chicken breast pizza's out.

I also downloaded the Iphone runkeeper app. I went for a walk down to Lidl this morning thinking I could get cheaper red peppers. I couldn't lol they were still 80p each like sainsburies but anyway. I forced myself to walk up the hill via grans and round. Logged it on runkeeper, 2.4 miles. And according to that with my weight I burnt 400 calories.  Awesome!!!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

SW Pulled pork

OMG Amazing ....

So I got up and cooked. Put the pork in and then made the mexican bean soup. Bulked it out with some chicken breast. All nicely portioned up for next couple of days lunches at work. All syn free.

In on plan today but I have eaten some syns. I had a hi-fi bar, chocolate weetabix and decided to have the pulled pork in a sandwich for tea rather than with veg. I had a massive salad for lunch so I have got plenty of superfree foods in me today.

So 2 slices of 400g wholemeal bread - syned. Just had a pudding of fresh pineapple and Muller light. So I have come in on 11 syns today. Which is okay. I get 15.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Slimming world week 1

Well it went really well. With the exception of Monday where I could have quite happily gnawed my own arm off in hunger, the hunger itself hasn't been too bad. I can happily say that works been nice and busy so thats probably taken my mind away from it and I have been drinking masses of water.

The scales showed a nice loss of 6 and a half pounds this week. I was very happy with that. Would have been better if it had been 7lbs as I would have got my first bit of bling! Oh well, I will definitely get it this week!!!

I had a bad day friday in which me and my sister and mum went to meadowhell. I ended up eating out twice. Chargrilled chicken salad in a pita with chips for lunch. I ate all the chips! And for tea I tried to be better. Gammon, with fresh pineapple, peas and new potatoes. But for some reason I was hungrey I ended  up sneaking an egg sandwich and 3 hifi bars when I got home. Thats not good!!!!

Anyway I walked to town yesterday and I had no syns. So hopefully with a nice syn free day and some body magic I'll combat some of it and be back on track.

I have done my meal plan for this week. I will be attempting slimming world pulled pork tomorow. So that's tea Monday and Tuesday. Grans on wednesday then I planned to try slimming world cowboy pie thurs and friday. But so far I have not managed to find any cheese and onion smash. So it may end up being SW cowboy cottage pie lol.

I also have a soup I want to have a go at for lunches. But all in all. Going well. Jeans are loose. Work trousers - I think I will be in the next size down soon. Also my face has cleared up alot. Could be the fresh fruit, veg and water or could be the steroids I'm having to take for a week for a sinus infection. Or both? Either way its nice though not to have spots !!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 2

Well I don't think I am doing too bad. Certainly feeling okay about stuff. Jeans seem looser but not sure if that wishful thinking ...

Breakfast - 2 hifi bars and some melon and grapes

Lunch - was a tricky one as me and my sis took gran to morrisons and she likes to have her lunch out. I couldn't face a baked potato which would have been the genuis option. So I plumped for a healthier breakfast. Bacon (done in  the oven so the women on the till informed me. I took all the fat off), scrambled eggs, baked beans and wholemeal toast - syned up with some flora. 10syns. I suppose not a very cheap lunch synwise but ... I'm on for syn free for tea. That in mind not too bad. I didn't eat all my syns yest so nicely carrying some over for whatever mum cooks for tea tomorrow which will no doubt NOT be SW complaint.

Tea - have slow roasted my gammon joint in pepsi max. Just pulled it all to pieces and removed any further fat I could find. Going to cook some veggies now - carrots, broccoli, sugersnaps and green beans. Yum. And I have a tropical fruit platter in the fridge. Going  to have some of them for pudding. 

Forgot to post my pics to twitter today so my mates been telling me off for the lack of superfoods. Hopefully tea's okay....

Drinks - 2 cups of tea with milk from allowance, diet lemonade and I had a bottle of water at the supermarket.

Exercise - pushed Gran round Morrison's for an hour and a bit and a quick walk around town this morning.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Slimming world

So I got my big fat arse back to Slimming world tonight and joined the Thursday night class after work. It was a major shock to the system. I thought I had managed to lose about a stone myself at home but m scales must be wrong. They don't match Sue's at class. So my number was a lot higher than I thought.

But as my mate Chele and the lady doing the weighing says, I will not see that number again. I sincerely hope so.

It dawns on me that the only way I can make this work is to plan, plan, plan. I need to start cooking properly. Make a meal plan each week and stick too it. So I have been scouring over some recipes and this is what I am going to try this week:

Tomorrows plan is:

Breakfast - Cheerio's at work. Weighed out. Skim milk (Blurgh but a necessity) and a banana
Lunch - Sliced ham, 2 slices 400 g bread made into a sandwich. Ideally some salad would be nice too. If I have time in the morning before work I'll grab some.
Tea - SW chips with my fav nando's chip salt, and baked beans or mushy pea's
Snacks - Strawberries and oranges, lots of water

I will have to syn up the cereal and use the bread as my healthy extra. Also syn up some butter as, as hard as I try I can never give that up. I'll buy some weetabix so I have better cereal for work but at the moment I have a box of Cheerios needs eating up.

Tomorrow is my supermarket shop day so I have written a list. I plan to attempt SW Katsu curry and rice and make some SW chilli this week so I can freeze some portions. I also have a gammon joint which I think I will throw in the slow-cooker on Saturday with some pepsi max and have that with lots of veg.

As I said on Twitter #notbeafatbridesmaid

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Don't want to be a fat bridesmaid ...

So I get to be a bridesmaid not once but twice in the next 16 months. As such I am going to rejoin fat club this Thursday. And also plastered the below little ditty around my desk  at work and at home too.

Thats the thinnest Ive ever been ..... LOL okay a little fat girl humour there. No seriously my head looks like a lollipop.

Anyway I am going to try post more. Today I even managed to get my fat arse moving and did 15 mins on my mini stepper and some weights. Go me!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Worst line EVER

So its been a while since a bloke kinda liked me so it was a fairly nice surprise last night when one at the Dog races we were at came over, started talking to me and giving me a bit of attention.

It quickly realised he had enjoyed a few bevies but for the most part he was quite nice. A couple of his friends joined him, me and my friends. All was going quite well until he starts telling me his mum died of Cancer and then he got really sad.

So we got the talking about my aunt having it and Danny a few years back. I even told him about Gavins book Waiting in the Wings. Our conversation navigated to the idea of an afterlife - a conversation area I must admit from my experiences made me more confident to talk.

Anyway then he looks like he was going to start crying and he disappeared to the toilets. I'm thinking oh shit. I've really upset him, Ive wrecked everything. He disappears there for quite a while so I mention it to one of his friends, tell them he told me about his mother and maybe they should check on him.

They tell me his mother is alive and well. None of them know nothing about this. Seriously.

Then he comes back and puts his arm round me, whispering thank you and I needed to talk and your lovely before grabbing my head and trying to stick his tongue down my throat.

WHY????? WHY WHY WHY do some men do things like that???? It was all a line to make me sympathetic to him so he could move in for whatever he could get.

It just made me feel so stupid and disgusted. Cancer is SERIOUS. People die, people suffer. You don't use it to manipulate other people. What a creep :(

And once more my confidence and faith in there being any nice blokes out there takes a dent AGAIN.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Oz the great and powerful review

So I have just got back from viewing this movie with  my friend Yvonne. I was a little dubious at first as its a prequel. A prequel to the Wizard of Oz which is one of my favourite movies ever made. Return to oz as a sequel always kind of freaked me out - come on that witch with the interchangable heads and the wheelers ..... Im 32 and I still shudder thinking about those things.

Anyway I was happily surprised to see actually it was pretty good. James Franco did a fine job as the wizard. Zack Braffs monkey was spot on. I think the most interesting part though was delving into the history of the witches Mila Kunis's Theodora, Rachel Weisz's Evanora and Michelle Williams Glinda.

Disney stayed true to the original and had the start of the film in black and white only going to colour once the Wizard landed in Oz. It was a spectacular scene of marvelous flowers and butterfly's, waterfalls, the yellow brick wall. In fact you almost wanted to step right through the screen and be there with Franco, until the water fairies appeared LOL

Anyway it was a feel good movie. The wizard starts out his moral compass a little loose shall we say but by the end of the journey he saves the land from the wicked witches and you see how he becomes the disemboweled head Dorothy visits in the original movie.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Hairy Bikers live show review!

So the 10th March was mothering Sunday this year in the UK and I masterfully bought Mum tickets to see the Hairy Bikers tour for Xmas and then spoilt her rotten in Manchester beforehand for the day.

Introducing my lovely mother!

Now if for some wacko reason you have never heard of the hairy bikers let me put that right. The hairy bikers are Two British chef's Simon "sexy Si" King and David " Dancing Dave" Myers. Full information can be found here:

They have numerous cooking programmes which mum and I have watched in the past. I own two of their cook books. I recently attempted their diet chicken pie with filo pastry. It was lush! However I had no idea what to expect from a live show.

So heres a run down.

Location - Manchester Opera house. Gorgeous inside, slightly weird part of Manchester - I had never been before, we got lost about 3 times trying to find it but once we found it and the alchemist bar for a pre-show cocktail everything was hunky dorey. Except in talking with a couple of others at the bar - We missed them ..................... The Hairy Bikers were apparently doing pics and autographs a couple of hours earlier in front of the theatre. Gutted ! Wish we had been in the right place at the right time for that!

Soundtrack - For the love of god. There was just too much awesomeness. I give you exhibit A that was playing as we found our seats in the theatre.

Cooking - The boys made Pakora's and a diet curry in act one. In act two a salad and salmon with shredded potatoes and a homemade Hollandaise sauce. Sadly I was not lucky enough to get picked out the audience to sample the deliciousness that my nostrils got the pleasure to smell.

Laughs -  Plenty! Si's Nigella impressions were brilliant. Dave's dancing - awesome. The spin the wheel gameshow that resulted in partial nudity - Hilarious. Seriously this wasn't just a cooking show - it was like the "princess bride" of cooking shows. IT HAD EVERYTHING even a Houdini inspired Escapology act and rockstar ending.

In total - 10 out of 10

Boy's I salute you!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Beanie conundrium

So about ten to five a couple of days ago this god of a man (doctor) ended up seeking me out at work. Sadly not for anything exciting, he handed me an ANTT assessment. Oh I have such a glamourous job but it got me thinking. He was wearing a beanie hat and I went weak at the knees.

Now this has been a source of discussion between myself and a few friends in the past. Sometimes a beanie hat on a man seems to add a layer of attractiveness. It did for the doctor and most certainly for the lead singer in Storm rock band.

But sadly after a whole two sets of rocking out to them one hot summers day, the moment he took that hat off suddenly the illusion was gone. Weird.

So moral of this blog post boys - if you want to look hotter, get yourself a beanie hat!

Evidently I am not the only one onto this knowledge:

Hummm ..... wonders if Josh Hutchinson or my man Wheaton has a beanie

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fairies in the Kitchen

So this is my friend Debs modelling some amazing fairy wings!

You may recognise my friend Debs from other such blog posts as:

Not only does she share my awesome namesake but she is one of my favorite people and what most people don't know about her is she makes the most AMAZING cupcakes!!!!! I present exhibits A - H!

So I feel its time the rest of the world was introduced to Fairies in the Kitchen. I can personally testify to the deliciousness of the sugary goodness you have just viewed.

Catch her here on twitter and her website.




Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back to blogger

So I have decided I am fed up of WordPress. Since creating a blog on there - okay its prettier than what I can figure out what to do with this one, but its keeps locking me out. Even though I am putting in the right passwords. My god its annoying. I have never had that problem here in years.

So back to blogger ...... Interestedly I watched half ton teen last night. My first ever blog on here was about that very subject. It almost feels fitting.

If you want to read it! Still my most popular blog to date.

I'm back on slimming world. My sister and best mate Binny both got engaged recently and now I get to be a bridesmaid twice! Awesome, except I'm a huge heffalump. So back to the diet. Its taken me a little while to get my head back but I think I am getting there now. And I don't know maybe its just from watching Billy again last night but if he can lose weight - then I can. And I'm not nearly in as much trouble as he was. Bless him. I really wonder where Billy is now. I hope he's happy.

I have also made some other goals for 2013 - try save a little money. And I have also made the decision some how I am going back to New York to see all the rest of the stuff I didn't see the first time round. And I want  to be thinner to do that. And there's Trek America that me and my friend Bex were looking at. Again I don't want to be a lard-ass doing that.

In fact I may be doing Canada as well as Yvonne seems to have settled on going there now. So really a lot of saving to be done. The Kitchens nearly paid off and the new PC should be cleared by June. Then I can really start saving - put everything I was whacking on my visa each month into my bank account.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cyber bullying

So I was just sat here listening to the glee cast sing "I can't go for that/ you make my dreams come true," with my Lil Wil Plushie - I'm not kidding. Heres proof!

Also here's the youtube vid in case ya all fancy a listen - its awesome how Darren Criss still remains incredibly hot despite the tash and hair but I am digressing. And I have no idea why I would put Wil Wheaton together with a glee song but hey my mind cleary as awesome as it is works in mysterious ways .........

But I am digressing from the original point of my post. Cyber Bullying.

I want to tell you about recent events on one of my startrek simm games where I encountered a bit of an online bully. We wrote a rather disastrous JP (Geek speak that's a Joint post ..) and I was very uncomfortable with it. His character is always written very angry so I tried to have my character be more assertive. This was a mistake and it descended into .... well it was awful. The other chaps character was relentlous, insulting and just plain angry IC (Geek speak translation - In Character).

I had a minor freak out - I was that upset I actually pulled the plug on the JP and deleted it telling the other chap quite pathetically he was pretty mean. The thing with simming is you create something and its important to you. You get emotionally involved with your characters and in my case, mine was getting relentiously attacked.

He immediately fired me a PM (Geek speak - personal message) not happy about that at all so I went back and apologised for my rashness. We also had a little squabble about spelling and grammar. I had changed a couple of his really badly spelt words to read correctly. I stupidly hadn't figured out he was actually this horrible OOC (Geek speak - out of character or IRL - in real life). 

The next thing I know I got a PM back which was threatening and intimidating - he wanted personal information about me or refused to communicate. He then said he accepted my apology but ripped into me about the spelling thing again. Then when I PM'd him back how disrespectful it all was he went behind my back and started harassing another player on IM (Geek speak - instant messenger) for information on me.

Theres NO need for this sort of behaviour. So just a warning folks - there are bad angry people out there and if you meet one of them DO NOT take it. Our simm is a PG13. So teenagers can play. I cannot imagine how a 13 year old would have coped with this chap. I'm 32 and he upset me. Cyber bullying is just as real as proper bullying. And its something that needs nipping in the bud.

And nip it in the bud I did. I immediately had words with our CO (Geek speak - commanding officer i.e. the Captain of our simm) and the offending player has now been removed.

The hunger games

So we all know I am ALWAYS about a year behind everyone and as usual I was with these books. Last year I vowed to read more. For my birthday my lovely parents got me a kindle which I have been putting to good use on the bus rides to work and back.

I decided after Jac at work suggested I read them to give the hunger games a whirl. I am glad I did. So far I have read the first two books. I read the first over Xmas and to my mothers amusement could not put it down. I finished it in less than a day. If I am honest I don't think I have had a book I couldn't put down since my beloved potter series.

Anyway I got round to reading catching fire in the last couple of days and its just got better. The plot thickens with all the rebellion stuff. I have decided I am Team Peeta all the way. Discussion was made between myself and Jac on the whole Peeta /Gale issue and sorry I'm not feeling Gale at all. I know Liam Hemsworth is playing him in the films and yes he's dishy as hell but I dunno Peeta is winning out for me.

He's just been captured by the capital so I'm guessing something pretty horrible is about to follow. In fact I could see him being brainwashed or something. All through the two books I have read he's been head over heels for Katniss and shes been all "oh I have no idea how I feel " yadda yadda yadda. Does she love Gale? does she love Peeta? does she love no one?

I bet in book three the tables turn. She kissed him pretty passionately in the 2nd hunger games and said feelings were stirring. I bet in book three she realises actually I do love Peeta and then President Snow has brainwashed him into hating her or something. But they will end up together in the end. They have too!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Kitchen

So I went off line for a few months as I was paying for a new kitchen. Now that's almost complete. Its been a long or certainly felt like a long project and plenty went wrong. Lucky for me I have an amazing sister and brother in law to be who have helped me immensely and kept me motivated.

There is just a couple more jobs or so to do i.e touch up painting, put another cupboard on under the sink and a skirting board but its almost there and I love it so much. So much more space. It looks so much moderner. Eventually I play to put another unit in between the oven and wall, a wine rack in the space between the fridge and freezer and some new under cupboard lights but its all money and I have spent quite a bit already. Need to save up again!!!!

Here are some pics of my new baby!

I have also put in a pic of my ninja food processor I got for xmas which I love! I made a green smoothie in that bad boy and it was amazing.

Today I am proper cooking for the first time in ages for others. I am making the Hairy dieters tangle chicken and ham pie. Stupidly forgot to get creme fresh so I am having to substitute light philly. I am really hoping it will work out okay.

Anyway expect more blogging from now on. I will get back to reviewing some TV as I was enjoying doing that.

Peace out folks Xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Life in a Man-Suit: Instructions for Life -More words to live by!

This is my mate Gav's blog and he writes some good stuff. Enjoy!

Words to live by

Back soon

Just a quick note of explanation as to why blogging has ceased for a couple of months.

I had to move out of my flat as I am re-doing my kitchen. This has unfortunately taken longer than anticipated and as always several lovely problems have been thrown up over the course. We are now in the home stretch and I will be posting pics soon.

Also regular blogging will resume as soon as I am back home again and have my usual internet access.

Just a quick note to wish all a fab new year!