Sunday, 31 March 2013

Worst line EVER

So its been a while since a bloke kinda liked me so it was a fairly nice surprise last night when one at the Dog races we were at came over, started talking to me and giving me a bit of attention.

It quickly realised he had enjoyed a few bevies but for the most part he was quite nice. A couple of his friends joined him, me and my friends. All was going quite well until he starts telling me his mum died of Cancer and then he got really sad.

So we got the talking about my aunt having it and Danny a few years back. I even told him about Gavins book Waiting in the Wings. Our conversation navigated to the idea of an afterlife - a conversation area I must admit from my experiences made me more confident to talk.

Anyway then he looks like he was going to start crying and he disappeared to the toilets. I'm thinking oh shit. I've really upset him, Ive wrecked everything. He disappears there for quite a while so I mention it to one of his friends, tell them he told me about his mother and maybe they should check on him.

They tell me his mother is alive and well. None of them know nothing about this. Seriously.

Then he comes back and puts his arm round me, whispering thank you and I needed to talk and your lovely before grabbing my head and trying to stick his tongue down my throat.

WHY????? WHY WHY WHY do some men do things like that???? It was all a line to make me sympathetic to him so he could move in for whatever he could get.

It just made me feel so stupid and disgusted. Cancer is SERIOUS. People die, people suffer. You don't use it to manipulate other people. What a creep :(

And once more my confidence and faith in there being any nice blokes out there takes a dent AGAIN.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Oz the great and powerful review

So I have just got back from viewing this movie with  my friend Yvonne. I was a little dubious at first as its a prequel. A prequel to the Wizard of Oz which is one of my favourite movies ever made. Return to oz as a sequel always kind of freaked me out - come on that witch with the interchangable heads and the wheelers ..... Im 32 and I still shudder thinking about those things.

Anyway I was happily surprised to see actually it was pretty good. James Franco did a fine job as the wizard. Zack Braffs monkey was spot on. I think the most interesting part though was delving into the history of the witches Mila Kunis's Theodora, Rachel Weisz's Evanora and Michelle Williams Glinda.

Disney stayed true to the original and had the start of the film in black and white only going to colour once the Wizard landed in Oz. It was a spectacular scene of marvelous flowers and butterfly's, waterfalls, the yellow brick wall. In fact you almost wanted to step right through the screen and be there with Franco, until the water fairies appeared LOL

Anyway it was a feel good movie. The wizard starts out his moral compass a little loose shall we say but by the end of the journey he saves the land from the wicked witches and you see how he becomes the disemboweled head Dorothy visits in the original movie.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Hairy Bikers live show review!

So the 10th March was mothering Sunday this year in the UK and I masterfully bought Mum tickets to see the Hairy Bikers tour for Xmas and then spoilt her rotten in Manchester beforehand for the day.

Introducing my lovely mother!

Now if for some wacko reason you have never heard of the hairy bikers let me put that right. The hairy bikers are Two British chef's Simon "sexy Si" King and David " Dancing Dave" Myers. Full information can be found here:

They have numerous cooking programmes which mum and I have watched in the past. I own two of their cook books. I recently attempted their diet chicken pie with filo pastry. It was lush! However I had no idea what to expect from a live show.

So heres a run down.

Location - Manchester Opera house. Gorgeous inside, slightly weird part of Manchester - I had never been before, we got lost about 3 times trying to find it but once we found it and the alchemist bar for a pre-show cocktail everything was hunky dorey. Except in talking with a couple of others at the bar - We missed them ..................... The Hairy Bikers were apparently doing pics and autographs a couple of hours earlier in front of the theatre. Gutted ! Wish we had been in the right place at the right time for that!

Soundtrack - For the love of god. There was just too much awesomeness. I give you exhibit A that was playing as we found our seats in the theatre.

Cooking - The boys made Pakora's and a diet curry in act one. In act two a salad and salmon with shredded potatoes and a homemade Hollandaise sauce. Sadly I was not lucky enough to get picked out the audience to sample the deliciousness that my nostrils got the pleasure to smell.

Laughs -  Plenty! Si's Nigella impressions were brilliant. Dave's dancing - awesome. The spin the wheel gameshow that resulted in partial nudity - Hilarious. Seriously this wasn't just a cooking show - it was like the "princess bride" of cooking shows. IT HAD EVERYTHING even a Houdini inspired Escapology act and rockstar ending.

In total - 10 out of 10

Boy's I salute you!