Saturday, 30 June 2012

Harcourt and Haigh 1 & DA Origins

So after a long long long long long wait and weeks of being teased. Exhibits A, B & C

My friend Vern got ep 1 of the webseries he and his friend Chris have been working on up on the web. Here it is:

If I am honest, I am not sure what to make of it yet. I have watched it three times and so far come to the conclusion there is a nod to the blues brothers and back to the future in there. But then you can't really come to the conclusion of something in 1 ep and 10 minutes can you. Clearly further viewing is required. And as with "the Room" its probably multi-dimensional and requires thinking about. Vern's clever that way.

A couple of points definitely made me giggle - most notably the unnamed for licensing purposes Sci-fi prop and well the books. I think they were as far away possibly as you could imagine. Verns character was holding Cannibalism by T. Harris at the beginning and mid way Chris had Liber Null -  Psychonant. Crazy evil cannibal criminal and chaos magik? Is this a hint of whats to come from the characters respectively??? Or am I just such a geek that I have come away watching it and picked up on something that's nothing at all?

Although the skateboard transport thing also annoyed me but probably more on account of all I could see was Francis Bouille from MIC. And if you follow this blog you know my feelings on the Skateboard incident lol

Regardless to me getting the full humour of it or not I enjoyed it and lets face it I'm not very good with a lot of comedy - I didn't find little Britain amusing and a ton of comedians that my sister and friends all seem to love . . . . . I imagine a lot of it has gone over my head. Sorry Vern!!!!!

But the point is the boys have taken something brilliant they have dreamed up and made it. Good for you!

A lot of thought and work has clearly gone into the making of H&H and I urge you all to keep tuning in. I know I will.

In other news . . . I have been working on a Dragon Age Origins fan fiction. The girls at work have been very encouraging, Jac even offering to Beta it for me. If Vern can take that huge leap and put his work out there I decided so can I. So I have put up the first 2 chapters of my story on fan

I am feeling quite nervous about it. I have written some stuff on and off for years and most of it is saved on my PC having been rehashed a billion times over and never seen the light of day to anyone else. So I am quite nervous. I imagine Vern is feeling the same about H&H.

I am not going to link it but if anyone does want a read (I know DA:O fan fiction is probably an acquired taste!!!!) However you can find it pretty easy enough on there. Theres a clue as to my fan fiction name in the blog tagline lol. Failing that drop me a PM and I will link you up!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

RIP Bob the goldfish

Well I don't know what happened. One day Bob was as Bob has always been. A happy goldfish, eating and swimming around in the 35 litre tank he called home with Eddie my other fish. And then suddenly he was lying on the pebbles at the bottom and not eating.

I tryed water changes - although the other fish was fine. It kind of suggests it wasn't water quality. I went and bought some internal medicine and aquarium salt. My poor fish just got worse. I came home and he was on his side, hunched over just breathing really slowly.

Bob passed at some point friday night. I have since cleaned the whole tank out and Eddie just looks tiny in such a huge tank. And he's lonely. You can tell he's missing Bob. I will need to get some more fish now.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Table Table at Aspley Hudds review - Don't bother!

So I was tasked with organising a leaving do for a colleague at work and she picked this restaurant. To book a table the website told me to fill in this form indicating how many people I was booking for and my details. It said someone would be in touch within 48 hours.

Customer service fail # 1 - No one came back to me. I was forced through concern about the football making the place busy and the fact we had 10 people coming to then chase up the restaurant. It seems however that the phone details don't put you actually through to the restaurant. You get through to somewhere else entirely. Confused?????

Well I was when I had to have a conversation to a little Indian man who didn't seem to know anything about the offical booking process on the Table Table website and told me that the only way to book was a room only for the premier inn part. We ended up having a few words there, me bringing up the website again and finding exactly where it told you how to book a table. Not impressed!

He then informed me he would phone the restaurant on my behalf and then come back to me. When he came back to me he assured me that the staff were currently doing some sort of training. Every single staff member. And I would be called back within an hour. It was 4pm. I thought it rather strange that every staff member was training in the run up to one of their busiest times for food but did not question it.

They did not call me back within an hour!!!! Customer service fail # 2

In fact they called me back at around 11am the next morning. I was also told once again by someone slightly nicer to talk to than the chap yesterday that none of the staff there knew you could book online. I mean seriously . . . . I was then assured that the table had been reserved and it would be ready for 7.30pm that evening

However it wasn't! I was the first of my party to arrive. I told the man behind the bar who looked miserable I might add that I had booked a table for ten and all he said back was "Fantastic." I then had to ask where it was as no further information was indicated, he just went back to looking miserable. "Round the corner," was all I got and "It's not ready yet. We need to sort some cultery out."

Customer service fail # 3!!!!!!!

Interestingly "Fantastic" was pretty much his vocabulary for the entire night.

We finally got seated at our table and a waitress clearly on auto-pilot. I could make allowances if it actually had been  that busy but it wasn't! Anyway she informed us that the fillet steak was on 25% off today as a special. Ruth in our party quite fancied that so she ordered it.

I ordered a table table chicken burger with a swiss topping. Pam ordered a regular chicken burger. Helen ordered rump steak. Kirsty ordered chicken curry.

When the food came, not remotely at the same time I might add, they gave Pam my dinner. She almost bite into it before noticing the cheese and mushroom topping. I was missing onion rings that the menu stated came with it. Helen was missing mushrooms and tomato's that the menu stated came with it.

Kirsty's was the last meal to come out and her's was cold. So that had to go back.

Customer service fail # 4/5 & 6

I will give them their dues, Helen and I didn't bother mentioning our missing items. We were just so glad to finally get our food after waiting so long. The waitress did offer Kirsty a free drink when she returned with her now hot dinner.

The final customer service fail of the evening - they brought the bill and then didn't knock the 25% off for Ruth's fillet steak. So I had to go back and tell them the bill was incorrect. I got Mr Fantastic again.

In conclusion. The food was blah. To be honest I think I had eaten better in morrisons cafe taking my gran for her weekly shop. The staff were in their own little world. I dread to think how they cope when the place is actually busy. It was about half full when we went. And a good corner of the place were students just drinking and watching the football. And if you want to book a table - the website is useless.

Friday, 8 June 2012

RIP Captain Noah Mitchell

I feel like I need to say a few words for one of the people that I wrote with. Chris - an American, was someone I met on one of the Trek Sims I play. He was a lovely lad, full of inspiration and a passion for writing. I followed him to the Archimedes Sim purely because he asked me too and he was a joy to write with.

Chris was one of those rare people who made time for you. Talked with you and listened too your idea's. He wasn't a power-monger - yes they do exist in the trek online Sim world! He was genieune. 

It is with a sad heart that I found out today he had passed on. Chris has spent the last year or so battling cancer. I'm not sure what that means for the Sim yet. I think his brother will take over but we have to keep it alive in Chris's memory.

My own personal belief is you do not die. So for me I can take some comfort in those beliefs that Chris like Danny and my Aunty who we also lost to cancer is now in peace and gone forward for the next great adventure.

My love and prayers go out to his family. Captain - thank you for the good times and the memories. You will be missed.


How many files!!!!!!

So one of the main reasons for updating my "rigg" was so that I would be able to play GW2. I had many many many happy hours playing GW1 and have some mates - both online and in RL lol playing. I have the PC now, I bought the game and I d/l the beta client. My god though how many files and updates. I d/l everything again monday. All day it took.

Mark at work then says to me weds you need to do it again there was a big update. I said I did it monday. Okay he says its a small one then. Shouldn't take long. No just another 4 hours!!!!!!

I shouldn't be whining as it just means areanet are doing everything they can to make this game as good as they can make it. I am sure when I finally manage to log in this evening and create my original characters great great great great great grandaughter and step into the starting area all of this will be forgotten. Just have to get through an entire day at work now . . . . . .

Monday, 4 June 2012

The white queen

So I made a promise to myself this year that I would read more. This came out of a comment my sister made about  how I used to always read and well I did growing up. I'm not sure when I stopped reading as much but I decided to address it. I also decided that I needed to read different things. I love science fiction - have about a billion star trek novels and I love kind of your adventure almost Indiana Jones type stories. But I need to widen my horizons.

Anyway Waterstones was doing one of its buy 2 get the 3rd half price things and I picked up a book for work, a book I had been wanting by Iain Banks and took a chance on one called the white queen. This was about October time last year. It was the story of Elizabeth - wife of Edward during the time of the war of the roses. Not my normal cup of tea. Or so I thought. Yes its taken me over 6 months to get to it but once I started it was fascinating.

In fact I really enjoyed it. The author Philippa Gregory does an excellent job bringing Elizabeth's story to life. So much so that there was a taster chapter of her next book - the white princess - Elizabeth's daughters story that the end of the White queen sets you up for. So I have to read that too.

However Waterstones informed me its still in production. But what I wasn't aware of was there is a series - its called the cousins war. And the first book is called the lady of the rivers. So I picked that up yesterday for £5.99. And this is the story of Elizabeth (the white queens mother) - there is also a red queen one which I presume is the story of the Lancashire queen.

Here is the link  to the authors website:

I'll let you know how it goes.

In order news I had my favorite Geordie down this weekend with Mr Chaney. They came down for the Mumford and Sons concert. We didn't get much time together but we did get to go for a nice Sunday lunch yesterday and I got to practice my tarot skills on them. Thanks guys Xx