Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Librarians

One of the things I enjoy the most is science fiction and I have written plenty about shows in the past. In my couple of weeks off work recovering, I power watched (power watched – this is now a thing ….. thanks to Sam. Who power watches everything  ...)

Anyway I power watched the Librarians. I had already seen season 1 but I have now watched the entirely of season 2. So I am going to review the show, like I did with Sinbad.

Now if you are unfamiliar with the greatness that is the Librarians let me give you a history …..

There have been many great heroes but none the greatest combination of comedy and heroics than Noah Wyle’s – the Librarian Flynn Carson. Flynn is a combination of Indiana Jones, James Bond, Mr Bean and let’s face it a dash of Han Solo rolled into one.

It has been running for over 10 years. The first movie in 2004 – The Librarian – the quest for the spear, 2nd movie in 2006 – The Librarian – Return to King Solomon's mines and the 3rd movie in 2008 – The Librarian – the Curse of the Judas Chalice.

Your basic story is Flynn, the Librarian looks after a secret library and hunts down magical artefacts keeping them safe there.

I randomly stumbled across these on a marathon day – thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel and was hooked. Even more bedazzled when I realised the person directing these was one “Jonathan Frakes”. Who by the way does cameo in the movies.

Talk went on for a while about the possibility of a series and in 2014 this finally got off the ground. And we were not disappointed. Well perhaps slightly with the lack of Noah but as I understand things he was heavily involved in another series. But they gave us Jake Stone to alleviate some of the missed Carsen hotness. So we can forgive that and we have to say a major thank you that they got him to cut his hair too.

Here’s the team:

Eve – The guardian played by Rebecca Romjin

Each Librarian is supposed to have a guardian. The muscle to their brains. Flynn’s one in the first film off camera left so when we get to the pilot he’s been on his own for quite awhile. Queue eve Barrett – Nato Worker who can hold her own. Eve has a hard time coming to terns with magic at first and is ever the solider. Love interest for our dashing librarian and she does have some pretty good one liners.

Cassandra – The Mathmagician played by Lindy Booth

It’s really a thing. Mathemagics Well she’s trying to make it. There’s some weird correlation between math and magic apparently. Cassie unfortunately has a “Brain grape” which allows her to see and sense things with some amazing cgi footage in the show but it is slowly killing her. Despite that though she managed to keep surprisingly upbeat.

Jake – The Cowboy played by the glorious Christian Kane

I love this guy. Possibly because the actor is a country boy and I’m lets face it a cowboy wannabe’s daughter. All those years of bluegrass growing up lol and possibly because he’s such an enigma. Jake has been hiding his IQ and talent for years as its not what people from where he’s free are. He’s fluent in tons of languages, pretty good at art history, lets face it easy on the eye and not bad in a bar fight either. Also some words of Byron from this man and any women will swoon.

Ezikiel – The Thief played by John Kim

Young and a master hacker. He’s actually pretty good with most technologies and a thief.  He relies on luck and is rather witty at times. He would however save his own skins first, or at least to begin with. He definitely grows on you.

And finally

Jenkins – The Caretaker played by John Larroquette

Works in the Libraries Annexe. Cantankerous and hilarious, I totally love this guy too. He’s seemingly immortal and knows a lot of secrets. None to fond of the newbies crashing his space at first but he softens up.

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