Tuesday, 12 January 2016

And we are back ....

So a lot has happened since I last posted.

I met the love of my life and we are now engaged. We bought a house.

It needs a bit of work but we will get there. Its lovely having so much more space now rather than living in a one bed flat.

Sadly we recently lost our first child at 13 weeks. We found out on 23rd December. Xmas this year has been a bit of a whirl. NYE was spent in hospital. The last few weeks I have been off work with the after affects of one of the worst procedures I have had to endure to date and if I am honest stuck in my own head.

I have cried and grieved. I have listened to this song a hell of a lot.

My partner has been the most amazing person in the world. I think I would have been crushed into oblivion without his support. I am just starting to see the sun again.

I realised I kind of lost myself a bit. I kind of knew in October when I realised I missed simming. I did something about that and joined one again. Now I realise I need to get back into blogging. Into writing. I used to love writing .... about tv shows, trying to diet (Which  I still trying .....)

A friend of mine came back from Taiwan where he's following his dreams. I caught up with him at my dads birthday party. There's no bigger message from the universe than that. So I am reopening this blog.

I hope, somewhere out there people might be reading and they might share comments.

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